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Interview with David Bech, Managing Partner of Akku Power GmbH

David Bech, Managing Partner of Akku Power GmbH
David Bech, Managing Partner of Akku Power GmbH

In a world inexorably moving towards sustainable energy sources, batteries are increasingly gaining importance. These small but powerful energy storage devices have become indispensable components in our daily lives, be it in our smartphones, electric vehicles, or even in storing renewable energies. Akku Power GmbH has been one of Germany's most successful internationally represented battery pack system manufacturers for over 30 years.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Bech, how was Akku Power GmbH able to establish itself as one of the leading battery pack system manufacturers?

David Bech: Since 1991, we have been developing custom battery and charging technologies. We have always been in search of innovative solutions to give our products a competitive edge. Therefore, we can now draw upon a broad experience and knowledge base, which allows us to transform our customers' needs into technical solutions. From the prototype development, which includes both hardware and software, to mass production, safety approvals, and certifications, we have our own development and production sites in Germany and the Czech Republic. Another key to our success is that we only use renowned and high-quality battery cells from leading suppliers for our accumulators.

Battery Power Production
Battery Power GmbH has been one of Germany's most successful internationally represented battery pack system manufacturers for over 30 years
Battery Power Production
Battery Power offers complex, high-quality, and powerful batteries

Wirtschaftsforum: How was Akku Power founded?

David Bech: My father founded Akku Power GmbH in 1991, which I took over in 1997. The company's goal was the development and manufacture of battery and charging technology for the powerful electrical supply of industrial, crafts, medical, and e-mobility devices. At that time, we patented the first flicker-free starting battery fluorescent lamp. The focus was on our own Akku Power products. Our biggest milestone was producing lithium-ion technology suitable for mass production, which we first dealt with in 1997. In 2000, we developed the first project based on this technology, and today, lithium-ion batteries are indispensable in the world of energy storage. Coming from the power tool sector, we had already developed a solution specifically for this segment with the necessary protective electronics and were thus pioneers. With the new technology, we were able to open up new markets and industries, whose requirements we could also meet based on our experience and know-how. Today, however, the focus is on the OEM sector.

Battery Power Production
Battery Power GmbH impresses with the highest quality, performance, and innovative strength

Wirtschaftsforum: For which applications are your battery pack systems used today?

David Bech: Today, we offer our solutions not only for power tools and gardening equipment, but also for e-bikes, cargo bikes, surfboards, boat drives, construction machinery, industrial equipment, surgical lamps, special robotic devices, or cameras. We have recently developed a portable lithium storage module. We at Akku Power are not just a pure developer and innovative manufacturer of batteries and chargers, but also of other components found in tools, such as motor controllers, control units, and IoT elements for intelligent control. We develop and produce a comprehensive package for our customers.

Wirtschaftsforum: Akku Power has repeatedly brought innovative products to the market in recent years. What is a current highlight in your portfolio?

David Bech: Our current highlight is our new 500-volt battery quick-change system, suitable for outputs up to 35 kW, in the smallest of spaces. Our high-voltage system allows motorcycles a greater range, consumes fewer raw materials, and causes lower energy losses than traditional low-voltage systems.

Battery Power 500-Volt Battery System
A current highlight from Akku Power is the new 500-Volt battery system
Battery Power Production
From prototype development to safety approval, Battery Power has its own production in Germany and the Czech Republic
Battery Power Production
With investments in automation, the effectiveness in production was significantly increased

Wirtschaftsforum: As a German company, you now have customers all around the globe. How do you manage to stay competitive?

David Bech: We convince with performance, quality, and innovative products, achieving an export share of 50% worldwide. Especially America is a rapidly growing market for us, coupled with attractive offers to open a factory there as well. We are naturally considering this. Unfortunately, German politics does too little to support the middle class. Compared to foreign competitors, we have to pay higher taxes and energy costs and also face other hurdles. Nonetheless, we stick to our production sites. In 2019, we decided to invest in automation to thus strengthen innovation and the successful development of high-quality products. This allowed us to significantly increase effectiveness. Our brand is associated by users with top quality and long durability. We want to constantly optimize and develop this with sustainable products. In the mobility transition, we see a lot of potential for us.