Industrial Suppliers

Öschger GmbH Company Building

Precision Manufacturing for the Industry

The production of components and parts for medical technology and mechanical engineering represents an essential pillar of modern industry. In this highly specialized...

Interview with Felix Öschger, Managing Director of Öschger GmbH

Holger Wetzler, Managing Director of Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH

"Not every strawberry yogurt can be made from strawberries"

To hit the right taste and smell, individual solutions are required: Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH, based in Leipzig, develops fragrance and flavor substances for...

Interview with Holger Wetzler, Managing Director of Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH

Headquarters of Hercorub in Belgian Lanaken

The Specialists for Compounds and Molded Parts

They are not committed to any specific industry, yet each contract is individual. The production of plastic molded parts and the delivery of compounds is the expertise...

Interview with Dries Feys, Sales Manager of Hercorub nv

Heyman Manufacturing - Torquefox

Efficiency gains through riveting instead of welding

Originally founded as a pure trading company, Heyman Manufacturing GmbH now primarily sees itself as a strong sales partner and important consulting service provider...

Interview with Christian De Razza, CEO of Heyman Manufacturing GmbH

Nehlsen-BWB Aircraft Galvanics Team Picture

30 Years of Expertise in Surface Technology

Since July 1, 2023, Dr. Alexander Nerowski and Mark Schreckenbach have formed the management duo of Nehlsen-BWB Aircraft Galvanics GmbH & Co. KG. In an interview...

Interview with Dr. Alexander Nerowski, Technical Managing Director, and Mark Schreckenbach, Commercial Managing Director of Nehlsen-BWB Aircraft Galvanics Dresden GmbH & Co. KG

David Bech, Managing Partner of Akku Power GmbH

For a World Without Cables

In a world inexorably moving towards sustainable energy sources, batteries are increasingly gaining importance. These small but powerful energy storage devices have...

Interview with David Bech, Managing Partner of Akku Power GmbH

Mattes & Ammann Master Knitter Mr. Karachalias

Mastering the Knack for Over 70 Years

The textile industry is one of the oldest economic sectors in Germany, characterized by small and medium-sized enterprises, including many family-owned businesses....

Interview with Christoph Larsén, Managing Director of Mattes & Ammann GmbH & Co. KG

Eolane SysCom Team Picture

Satisfied Customers as the Measure of All Things

The lack of electronic components has led to serious problems in the electronics industry during the Corona crisis. For example, the chip industry was affected –...

Interview with Michael Wilding, Managing Director of Eolane SysCom GmbH

Bochum Sales Branch of Gouda Vuurvast Services

With a Hands-on Mentality Tackling Things

In the industry, things often get heated. Some processes generate temperatures of several hundred degrees. Facilities that host such temperatures naturally have...

Interview with Arie van Vliet, Managing Director and André Schalk, Sales Development Engineer at Gouda Feuerfest Services GmbH

PAUL KAUTH Battery Mounting

Creating Connections

The automotive industry is experiencing a paradigm shift. Suppliers are challenged to adapt to the changed requirements. The KAUTH Group, based in Denkingen, Germany,...

Interview with Christian Kauth, CEO, and Johannes Kauth, COO of the Kauth Group

Sascha Abendroth, CEO of Kabelwerk Rhenania GmbH

Perfectly Wired for the Future

The future starts today. With visions, ideas, technologies, and companies like Kabelwerk Rhenania GmbH from Aachen. The company has committed itself to the motto...

Interview with Sascha Abendroth, CEO of Kabelwerk Rhenania GmbH

Selectrona factory in Reinholdshain

"We have the right people and we have the know-how!"

There is hardly an industry that can do without them: plastic and metal-plastic components are the best solution for numerous technical applications. A developer...

Interview with Jörg Anderl, authorized officer, technical director and Herbert Bender, managing director of Selectrona GmbH

Ortlieb Precision Systems Customer Conversation

Experience and Innovative Strength

Tool clamping technology is a fundamentally important area in the modern manufacturing industry and forms the backbone for the precise and efficient processing of...

Interview with Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Dirk Laubengeiger, Managing Director of Ortlieb Precision Systems GmbH & Co. KG

TECTRON WORBIS new production hall

"Reliability is our DNA!"

Managing Director Dr. -Ing. Marco Krist knows exactly what is important to customers – and acts accordingly. At TECTRON WORBIS GmbH, the customer with their concerns...

Interview with Dr. -Ing. Marco Krist, Managing Director of TECTRON WORBIS GmbH

cts mobile robot

The Evolution of the Smart Factory

After the automation specialist cts GmbH from Burgkirchen in southern Bavaria has already successfully developed and implemented intelligent automation solutions...

Interview with Alfred Pammer, Authorized Officer/Head of Sales and Marketing at cts GmbH

Sebastian Ebert, authorized signatory of Südkabel GmbH

"The energy transition is an opportunity for all of us!"

Anyone who only points to potential risks of the energy transition thereby obscures the enormous potential that a successful transformation can mean for Germany...

Interview with Sebastian Ebert, authorized signatory of Südkabel GmbH

Walter Bostelmann, CEO of Kellner & Kunz AG

"Never said no"

Not preserving, but moving is the motto of Kellner & Kunz AG, based in Wels, Austria. A hundred years ago, it sold tools and screws – today, it additionally offers...

Interview with Walter Bostelmann, CEO of Kellner & Kunz AG

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