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Interview with Manuel Domeisen, Managing Director of avaris/IT AG

Manuel Domeisen, Managing Director of avaris/IT AG
Manuel Domeisen, Managing Director of avaris/IT AG

The digital world offers seemingly limitless opportunities and possibilities, but at the same time also previously unknown risks. That's why it's important to have a reliable and competent partner by your side during digital transformation, who sets up and orchestrates all tools, processes, and suppliers in a way that they offer the greatest possible value to the company. This is exactly the concept of avaris/IT AG from Switzerland.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Domeisen, digitalization is a big topic. What is the core competence of avaris?

Manuel Domeisen: Digital transformation is an ongoing and complex process. The basic requirement for companies is always: IT must run smoothly. Lately, the topic of security is becoming increasingly important as well. We ultimately can't make the decisions for our clients, but we can put ourselves in their shoes and thus prepare an understandable foundation on which they are able to make the best possible decisions. No matter what our clients need, we take on the topic and accompany them in their very individual transformation, translating their business requirements into technical requirements.

avaris/IT AG Data Center
avaris/IT AG is a silver partner of the Eastern Switzerland Data Center – the most energy-efficient data center in Switzerland

Here we are able to orchestrate all products, processes, tools, and vendors from a single source. With this approach, we are unique in the market.

Wirtschaftsforum: What are currently important topics in companies?

Manuel Domeisen: Many traditional companies are currently stagnating and can no longer grow because they do not have the necessary processes and technologies for further growth. These prerequisites cannot be compensated for by staff alone. Moreover, there is a glaring shortage of skilled workers in the market. Many are now being caught by the digital transformation. During the Corona period, although a lot was made up for, it was about basics. Digital transformation, however, means becoming a data-centric company, only then can you use artificial intelligence and other possibilities. An overarching theme is Business Continuity Management, which aims to make the company sustainable and resilient in the long term. avaris/IT bridges the gap between a company's current state and the desired, modernized business model. We help to understand the initial situation and identify hidden potential. Together, we define the desired state and design the transformation with a structured approach. This approach is suitable for companies of any size and focuses on people, processes, and data, to mold them into a future-ready unit.

avaris/IT AG Process Chains
An overview: the Avaris/IT approach to orchestrating all tools, processes, and structures

Wirtschaftsforum: The year 2024 has just begun. What have you set out to do?

Manuel Domeisen: We have been a partner of Swisscom for many years and will appear as one of the few IT partners of Swisscom in 2024. Microsoft 365 has been one of our main focuses for years. Here we are pioneers and a step ahead of many other providers. However, we will especially take on an even stronger advisory role, offering even more solutions for products, for personnel and interim requirements.

Wirtschaftsforum: What long-term goals do you pursue?

Manuel Domeisen: The avaris/ IT AG was created last year from the merger of Weibel/IT AG with GEOINFO IT AG. In the past few months, we have worked hard on structural and procedural integration. Now we want to stabilize the new system. The avaris/ IT AG is a member of the GEOINFO group, thus benefiting from a large knowledge transfer from various competencies. Especially in the construction sector, we see promising possibilities through the use of artificial intelligence and BIM. Therefore, we look forward confidently.