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Interview with Ing. Rainer Haag, Managing Director of ematric gmbh

Rainer Haag, Managing Director of ematric GmbH
Ing. Rainer Haag, Managing Director of ematric GmbH

International competition, rising costs, and an ongoing shortage of skilled workers create a dynamic environment for manufacturing companies. Accordingly, production processes must function efficiently and without errors to remain competitive. The ematric gmbh from Austria meets these requirements with the latest automation and robotics solutions for various industries.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Haag, ematric is an expert in automation technology. That's a broad field. What is your core competence?

Rainer Haag: Our focus is on the programming of control systems and control room technology. In doing so, we accompany our customers along the entire value chain, from analysis and consulting to conception and construction, electrical planning and control to visualization, manufacturing and assembly, as well as simulation and commissioning. Of course, we also take care of the integration into overarching MES and ERP systems, as well as training and after-sales service. However, we not only offer complete solutions to our customers but also cover individual areas, depending on customer needs.

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Wirtschaftsforum: What are currently important topics in the market, with your customers? Where do you see an increased demand?

Rainer Haag: There is an increased demand for automation systems, sometimes with optical inspections, for example for quality control or object identification. Due to the ongoing shortage of skilled workers, there is also a growing demand for systems to support production workers, for example in picking. The topic of robotics is overall gaining momentum, with artificial intelligence as an important driver of innovation.

Wirtschaftsforum: Which industries do your customers come from?

Rainer Haag: We mainly target industrial companies such as automotive manufacturers or the food production industry. In addition, we have experience with solutions for materials handling, process engineering, and environmental technology, as well as for warehouse logistics and energy technology. Essentially, we come into play whenever it's about automation or the use of robotics.

Wirtschaftsforum: Do you primarily focus on customers in Austria?

Rainer Haag: Especially with our solutions for control systems and superior control technology, we are also active abroad, in Europe and worldwide. In the coming years, we would like to strengthen our global activities again. Due to Corona, these activities, for example in China, have come to a standstill, more or less.

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As an expert in automation and robotics, the company supports its customers from analysis and consulting...
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...until commissioning and training

Wirtschaftsforum: What sets ematric apart from other providers on the market?

Rainer Haag: In addition to our own solutions, it is primarily our reliability and the know-how of our employees. We work in partnership with our customers and always try to make it as easy as possible for them. This is greatly appreciated. We hardly lose any customers. Moreover, there are not so many providers in our size range that can offer everything from A to Z. Originally starting as a pure service provider for control technology, we now have our own design and electrical planning department and have our own assembly and commissioning hall.

Wirtschaftsforum: What are your expectations for the year 2024, especially in the light of general uncertainty?

Rainer Haag: Our order books are already well filled for the next two to three years. In fact, there is currently a reluctance in the market for plant construction. Everyone is waiting for interest rates to fall again. But through digitalization, for which many companies still need to catch up, we are optimistic that we will succeed in gaining even more and larger customers. The pandemic has significantly fueled digitalization. Companies have begun to catch up on everything they had missed in the previous years. For this, we have set up our own department where we take care of digitalization topics and tasks involving high-level programming. We currently have several innovative projects in the pipeline that we would like to implement well.

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Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Haag, as a co-founder of the company, have you set a long-term goal for ematric?

Rainer Haag: We want everyone to enjoy coming to work and for our atmosphere to be good. Our employees should be satisfied here. There is relatively little industry and technology in our region, and we want to be perceived as an attractive employer here. We enjoy a very good reputation, and we want to keep it that way.