"We execute digital transformation in small steps!"

Interview with Michel Harren, Managing Director of Itility GmbH

Michel Harren, Managing Director of Itility GmbH
Michel Harren, Managing Director of Itility GmbH

Distributing the cheese on a frozen pizza optimally and in exactly the right dosage? This is no magic trick and also saves a lot of money in the long run. This is just one example of the benefit that working with Itility GmbH can bring to its clients. The company, based in the technology metropolis of Eindhoven and with a branch in Eschborn near Frankfurt, merges data and technologies, thereby optimising processes, driving digital change, and delivering real added value to its clients. All solutions are always developed in close coordination with the clients.

"Together with our customers, we create in the sectors in which we are active, with great expertise and experience, Industry 4.0 solutions," describes Michel Harren, Managing Director of Itility Germany, the strength of the Dutch company. "In doing so, the various stages of such processes from the customer's perspective can be well described with the terms 'demand', 'expectation', and 'surprise'."

The process of integrating advanced analytics and software into existing machine systems also takes place in several steps. First of all, it is about collecting and preparing data, taking into account privacy and security, so that the best time for maintenance can be determined using the operational dashboard, or a fault analysis can be carried out promptly. This reduces costs and increases quality.

Among other things, there is the possibility of further optimizing the processes of the customers. "We are implementing the digital transformation in small steps," says Michel Harren. "This adds value to our customers and does not disrupt their processes."

Founded in Eindhoven

Itility was founded in 2006 in Eindhoven, where the name Itility represents 'IT like Utility'. Seven years ago, Itility went to the USA with a Dutch customer and now has three locations there in Silicon Valley, San Diego, and Austin.

Itility Entrance Area
Itility Conversation
Itility Conversation

Currently, the opening of a branch in Eschborn near Frankfurt is planned. Specifically for the German market, Michel Harren sees a great need in Manufacturing. In total, Itility employs around 300 people today. Industries in which Itility is active include machinery and plant engineering, as well as the semiconductor industry, energy, and agriculture.

Motivated Workforce

Itility is generally open to engagements in countries where its Dutch customers are active. New customer contacts are primarily made through recommendations from existing customers and through networks. The team is a healthy mix of experienced and younger employees. The fact that younger employees are gradually introduced to their tasks through the Young Potential Program is also reflected in the average age of the workforce, which at 34 years is relatively low.

"We are passionate and hands-on with our work, operate in small, motivated teams, and want to be close to society," says Michel Harren. "Where we use our knowledge of our customers' processes to deploy the right technology."