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Interview with Dr.-Ing. Steffen Leischnig, CEO of LSA GmbH Leischnig Electrical Cabinet Construction Automation Technology

Dr.-Ing. Steffen Leischnig, CEO LSA GmbH Leischnig Electrical Cabinet Construction Automation Technology
Dr.-Ing. Steffen Leischnig, CEO LSA GmbH Leischnig Electrical Cabinet Construction Automation Technology

Solving tricky problems is in the DNA of LSA GmbH Leischnig Schaltschrankbau und Automatisierungstechnik from Wolkenstein. The company is at home in the Ore Mountains - a region known for its tinkerers and inventors. This certainly includes Dr.-Ing. Steffen Leischnig, CEO, who leads the family business into the 2nd generation. The doctorate in mechanical engineering and software specialist particularly loves the technical challenges that come with his task.

"The enthusiasm for technology is our strongest driver and is deeply rooted in this region," confirms Dr. Steffen Leischnig. "The Ore Mountains are known for their tinkerers who persistently search for solutions to the most tricky problems. This is also my motivation."

From Switchgear Construction to Special Machine Construction

LSA was founded in 1990 by the father of today's CEO. Originally specializing in switchgear construction, the company has over time become a complete provider of special installations, offering highly complex turnkey solutions. The special installation construction was added with the entry of Dr. Steffen Leischnig into the company.

"When I joined the family business in 2009, my goal was clear: We had to evolve to meet industry requirements. The introduction of the special machine construction sector was an important step in this direction," explains the CEO. "Each system is different and requires special expertise. Often customers come to us because no one else could help them."

LSA Laser Welding System
Robots operate a laser welding system
LSA Team Picture
The spirit of inventiveness characterizes the activities at LSA GmbH
LSA Headquarters
The headquarters in Wolkenstein in the Ore Mountains: The production area has been doubled in the last few years - an expansion on a neighboring plot is pending
LSA Precision Welding System
Fully automatic precision welding system

The Next Generation of Inventors

In times of skilled worker shortages, especially in technical and manual trades, it is a concern of the company to inspire young technicians for tinkering at an early stage. "We regularly welcome school children in our production and do our best to share our enthusiasm for technology with them," says Dr. Steffen Leischnig. "We have been very successful in doing this in recent years. We also work in close cooperation with the technical colleges in the region."

An Industry with a Promising Future

The years after Corona were some of the most successful in the company's history. By now, the number of employees has increased sixfold and the production area has doubled. The order situation is very satisfactory and revenue is continuing to rise.

"The reasons for automation are shifting," explains Dr. Steffen Leischnig. "Today, it's not just about being more efficient or faster, but also about countering the shortage of skilled workers to some extent. That's why we are experiencing enormous demand on a very diverse playing field. This increased need creates space for very clever, but also appealing approaches to harmonize human and machine. The focus is always on the human aspect."

Growing Together

With a strong foundation of values and a clear vision for the future, LSA remains committed to growing together with its employees, customers, and partners to create innovative solutions that drive the world of technology forward. "Because in a constantly evolving world, enthusiasm for technology is the fuel that drives and connects us," says the CEO.