At home everywhere in the world

Interview with Robert Crispens, CEO of MORELO Reisemobile GmbH

Robert Crispens, CEO of MORELO Reisemobile GmbH
Robert Crispens, CEO of MORELO Reisemobile GmbH

The Earth is a place with countless beautiful landscapes. For many people, there is nothing better than escaping everyday life and discovering these places. A motorhome means maximum flexibility. This freedom, with maximum luxury, is offered by MORELO Reisemobile GmbH, Europe's leading manufacturer of luxury motorhomes. A MORELO is the feeling of being at home anywhere in the world without having to give up anything.

"A MORELO is a house on wheels," says managing director Robert Crispens. "It's not comparable to a normal camper. We are a luxury manufacturer and make possible for our customers what can be made possible. We try to accommodate every special request, from massage chairs to dishwashers to rear garages for a full-size car."

Passion for Camping

Wanderlust, excellent comfort, and outstanding quality are the pillars of success for MORELO. Within a few years, the company from Schlüsselfeld near Bamberg has become Europe's most successful manufacturer of luxury motor homes. This success would not have been possible without an unbroken passion for camping and the courage to try new things.

In 2010, the MORELO team around founder Jochen Reimann started towards the Caravan Salon with just a single prototype and, with this prototype and a construction sketch of the planned factory, sold eight vehicles of the MORELO PALACE 90 M. The great trust of the first customers was an important motivation for further development.

Morelo GRAND EMPIRE with Rear Garage
For maximum freedom: The GRAND EMPIRE is a home on wheels, including a rear garage

"The PALACE model still accounts for about 50% of our volume today," notes Robert Crispens. "This motorhome is in our mid-price segment and starts at around 260,000 EUR. Its exterior and interior are, in my opinion, the most beautiful on the market. Even with a weight of up to 7.49 t, its handling remains remarkably comfortable."

Seven Series

By now, the MORELO portfolio includes seven series with over 2,000 variants in the layout. "Our range of motorhomes starts with the entry-level model HOME starting at around 185,000 EUR. Higher-priced models then offer more accessories. The top model GRAND EMPIRE is a 26-tonner and is priced at around 700,000 EUR. Its chassis is a Mercedes-Benz Actros, the most commonly built truck worldwide that combines safety and technology - essentially the E-Class among trucks. A lot of know-how is incorporated into this chassis. We also first mounted our EMPIRE LINER on the Actros in 2021. This was well received at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf."

Highlights of the motorhome of the absolute luxury class include, for example, the optional Slide-Out, which can extend the living room and kitchen at the push of a button by up to 45 cm, the luxury lounge for a soothing massage, and the rear garage with an electric tailgate for cars and sports cars up to a length of 4.60 m. Thus, travelers do not have to forego any luxury and can enjoy the feeling of being at home anywhere in the world.

MORELO Motorhome Sleeping Area
MORELO Motorhome Kitchen Area
MORELO Motorhome Interior

Digitalization and Sustainability

With elegant designs, thoughtful technical features, and first-class amenities, MORELO has already realized the luxury dream on wheels for numerous people. Over the years, the motorhomes have been continuously developed and adapted to the latest developments and requirements of the market.

An important trend that has found its way into the caravanning industry is digitalization. "The trend is moving away from analog to digital technology," explains Robert Crispens. "Smart Home has also arrived in the motorhome, with technical elements such as lighting or heating being remotely controlled via an app. In addition, security can be further increased thanks to living space monitoring and GPS tracking. We have several projects underway and are currently checking what is possible in the field of digitalization. In doing so, we are exploring new paths that are already standard in the automotive sector."

MORELO Empire Liner
Experience the feeling of freedom without having to do without anything: The GRAND EMPIRE from MORELO with its distinctive MORELO design line shows what first-class travel means, both on the interior and the exterior

Other important criteria include sustainability as well as the issue of energy generation and consumption. This is decisive for customers and important for the purchasing decision. MORELO vehicles have high battery and solar capacities and can be used autonomously. For the company, sustainability also means paying attention to where the materials come from and how they are processed and disposed of.

"We are working to reduce CO2 emissions in production," says the managing director. "In the future, we want to generate a lot of energy through our own photovoltaic system. We also take into account the hours of sunshine in our working time models, so we can make good use of the energy. We produce a lot of wood waste. We no longer want to burn it in landfills, but shred it here, separate it, and store it in silos. In winter, we then use the wood waste for energy generation for our halls. Good insulation of the halls is another important point. And we are reducing gas consumption. In a production like ours, this saves a lot of money and is therefore an investment in the future. From administration to production to logistics, we rely on consistent waste management and use the most modern recycling processes. We take a holistic view of sustainability."

MORELO Production
MORELO Production
MORELO Production

Investments in the Future

MORELO has realized the mobile living dreams of numerous people across Europe over the years. Many of these customers are so-called ‘Golden Agers’, i.e., the age group 50+, who have worked all their lives and are now facing a generational change. They have mostly taken little vacation time and now want to enjoy their life and see some of the world. The demand for luxury motorhomes made in Germany has increased so significantly that production capacities need to be further expanded.

“Our order books are full, and the order backlog is so large that we have a delivery time of almost three years,” describes Robert Crispens the situation. “For the GRAND EMPIRE, we are currently building a separate production line to significantly reduce delivery times. In total, we have invested over 30 million EUR in a second manufacturing hall, which will be put into operation in the middle of next year.”

In manufacturing, MORELO combines state-of-the-art production techniques with traditional craftsmanship. To counteract the shortage of skilled workers, the company is working with a digital joinery and a digital panel storage. “Our product development and design are running at full speed,” explains Robert Crispens. “We have optimized a great deal and realized numerous technical product improvements. With this, we want to continue setting new benchmarks in the industry.”

MORELO Team in Schlüsselfeld
Made in Germany: The MORELO team in Schlüsselfeld realizes mobile living dreams with a lot of attention to detail

Accessible Providers

The caravanning industry has experienced a tremendous upswing in recent years. In line with the motto 'Welcome home', MORELO aims not only to give people with wanderlust the opportunity to discover the world with their house on wheels but also to provide a home for customers and employees within the company.

"Our success has always been based on our accessibility," explains Robert Crispens. "We are a tangible provider and have always had an open production. The employee and generally the human factor are of great importance to us. The customer sees themselves as part of the family. They should feel comfortable with us and in their motorhome. Furthermore, it is our goal to be the most attractive employer in the region."