"Industrial IT - but secure. Critical Infrastructure - our core competency."

Interview with Christian Daniel, Andree Plumeier and Jenny Braun from PDV-Systeme GmbH

PDV-Systeme company building in Goslar
The company building in Lower Saxony: Goslar is the headquarters of PDV-Systeme

It's all significantly more complex than in a private environment and with a very strong focus on security. PDV-Systeme GmbH is a highly specialized provider of IT infrastructure and security solutions for the industry. Everywhere where even short outages can have fatal consequences, the company from Goslar in Lower Saxony, with additional offices in Dachau and Flensburg, is very much in demand as a competent, reliable, and trustworthy partner for many industries.

"We consciously set ourselves apart from the mainstream of the IT industry and focus on solutions for process and production facilities, the business field of Industrial IT," says Christian Daniel, who leads PDV-Systeme GmbH together with Andree Plumeier as managing directors. "We tailor our own products to the requirements of our customers. Often, this is about control and automation processes. Our focus is clearly on critical infrastructures."

"Reliability and process discipline are central to this," adds Jenny Braun, in charge of marketing at PDV. "That's why we are also available for our customers around the clock throughout the year." Thus, PDV offers six different CRITICAL Services packages up to and including the premium product, specifically for critical infrastructures.

Christian Daniel, Managing Director of PDV-Systeme GmbH
Christian Daniel, Managing Director
Andree Plumeier, Managing Director of PDV-Systeme GmbH
Andree Plumeier, Managing Director
Jenny Braun, Marketing of PDV-Systeme GmbH
Jenny Braun, Marketing

Partners of the Clients

In 1980, Dr. Dietmar Kipping founded what is now PDV-Systeme as an engineering office for heat and process engineering. Over time, the focus increasingly shifted towards critical IT infrastructures in industrial companies, with Christian Daniel and Andree Plumeier taking over the management in 2008 and 2015, respectively. To this day, PDV-Systeme remains an owner-managed company, responsible towards its employees and customers, and aware of quality and innovation.

Today, PDV employs around 120 staff and generates a revenue of about 30 million EUR. Clients of PDV-Systeme include, among others, network and pipeline operators, the food industry, automotive suppliers, defense, as well as OEM customers being manufacturers of special plants.

"We have a partnership relationship with our customers," explains managing director Christian Daniel, describing the special nature of the cooperation. The sales department maintains good contacts with partner companies, industrial manufacturers, and plant builders. "We are also engaged in the interest group UP KRITIS, to develop the best possible recommendations for action based on the legal basis and to implement them," Jenny Braun elaborates. "We are currently relaunching our website, setting up a new communication concept – also for recruitment – and organizing our own events, for example with partners at the IT-Campus."

Presence is also a topic for Christian Daniel: "We want to become known in the market as a key player and further expand our market position. With our customers, we aim to position ourselves as the central supplier in the long run."