Driving Force of Aesthetic Dermatology

Interview with Dr. SooWhan Choi, CEO and Dirk Mossier, Head of Customer Service at S&V Technologies GmbH

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AdobeStock 685417441

Hyaluronic acid – far more than just a secret for youthful skin, but also an important element of medical innovation. S&V Technologies, based in Hennigsdorf, has established itself as a significant player in the development and manufacturing as well as the distribution of medical products, especially in the field of aesthetic dermatology. The company focuses on innovative tissue fillers based on hyaluronic acid as well as the development of biomaterials for medical applications.

S&V Technologies was founded in 2007 by Dr. Christine F. Kreiner, who had previously worked in the field of lens manufacturing and held various patents. Initially, S&V Technologies supplied ophthalmologists with anti-wrinkle products and then specialized in the development of dermal fillers. "I come from a research background, having developed almost all of the products myself," explains Dr. SooWhan Choi, managing director and CEO since 2008.

Products and Innovation

The company specializes in the development and processing of products containing hyaluronic acid. The managing director mentions an adhesion barrier for the gynecological area that works with hyaluronic acid and is used for the treatment of endometriosis. Dirk Mossier, head of Customer Service, adds: "Thanks to our background, we have extensive experience with highly pure hyaluronic acid, which benefits all our products, for example, our cosmetic line AMALIAN. Our Micro Crushing technology for the soft fillers ensures a uniform particle size. This results in a longer aesthetic effect and fewer complications during treatment."

S&V Technologies Product Line AMALIAN
The AMALIAN Soft Filler product line creates a visible volume effect
S&V Technologies ADSV
The product ADSV is absolutely low-risk, as it is free from modifications and additives, and is used as an adhesion barrier after a gynecological endometriosis surgery. This has been proven with great success in a clinical study.

Quality and Research

At S&V Technologies GmbH, great emphasis is placed on quality and research. In the company's modern research laboratories, new biomaterials and biocompatible polymers are synthesized. Dirk Mossier provides an outlook on new developments, including a dermal filler with polymerized polynucleotides from salmon sperm: "This PDRN is particularly praised in research for its compatibility and aesthetic effects. It smooths the skin, supports collagen formation, and the healing process after injection."

Challenges and Strengths

S&V Technologies currently employs 38 staff, consciously opts for 'Made in Germany', and invests in modern production technologies. With a worldwide distribution network, the company reaches customers in more than 40 countries and is in the process of entering the North American market. Dr. Choi reveals: "Next year, we have China as a new partner in sight – an exciting step in our development."

Promising Player

S&V Technologies GmbH stands for innovation, quality, and international orientation. "We are small, but strong," says the managing director. Through continuous research and development and a focus on highly pure hyaluronic acid, the company has secured a solid position in the market of aesthetic dermatology. With an eye on the future and new partnerships, S&V remains a promising player in the industry.