From the Idea to the Product with Innovation and Quality

Interview with Jens Maschmeier and Dieter Sabrotzky, Managing Directors of CosMed GmbH & Co. KG

CosMed Nivea Products
CosMed exclusively manufactures the shaving foam and gel heads as well as the deodorant headers of the NIVEA brand in various colors and designs

Plastics are ubiquitous in today's world and have become an integral part of our modern society. Their significance spans various sectors, from the packaging industry to medical technology and electronics. CosMed GmbH & Co. KG is a full service supplier for the development and manufacturing of complex plastic products and plastic assemblies.

From the novel packaging for the cosmetics industry, to the sophisticated and functional solution for the food sector, and products for medical technology - CosMed GmbH & Co. KG has established itself as a technology leader in various industries, consistently impressing its customers with innovative solutions.

Due to the development and manufacturing at its own site in Löhne, the company can quickly respond to the changing demands of the industries, making it well-prepared for the future. "We are different from other manufacturers, as we generate added value for our customers at the same price," says managing director Dieter Sabrotzky. "We have never been the ones who stood out for our price, but through quality and innovation."

Jens Maschmeier, Managing Director of CosMed GmbH & Co. KG
Jens Maschmeier, Managing Director
Dieter Sabrotzky, Managing Director of CosMed GmbH & Co. KG
Dieter Sabrotzky, Managing Director

Partner of Reputable Companies

CosMed started in 2004 as a trading company with a focus on products for the cosmetics industry and medical technology. In 2007, the business model was reconsidered, and the strategy was set to establish a production and development company. "In 2008, there were still 2.5 employees," says Jens Masch-meier, who, along with Dieter Sabrotzky, became part of the company in 2008. "Over the years, we have grown to just under 300 employees. This growth was and is a matter of the heart and life's work. It's not just a job, but this company is full of passion. Therefore, success is also a team performance. We want to continue to open up new markets and offer products that a classic injection molder cannot offer."

The food sector, for example, was quickly added as a new business area and is today the largest business area of CosMed. The company was able to establish itself mainly with innovative solutions as a partner of reputable companies. For the water filter manufacturer Brita, the company has been taking over the production of water-contacting pitcher and filter systems for years, which are very demanding and at the same time sensitive in production. Furthermore, CosMed has developed a patent for shaving gel products, but did not sell it, instead offered to produce them exclusively for the NIVEA brand. To this day, the injection molding expert manufactures shaving foam and gel heads as well as the deo headers for NIVEA in various colors and designs.

Sustainable Plastic

From the idea to the finished product, CosMed covers all processes at the site in Löhne. The service portfolio not only includes the development and manufacturing of plastic components but also the assembly of complete modules as well as filling and delivery.

CosMed State-of-the-art Production Facilities
State-of-the-art production facilities and a high degree of automation guarantee highest quality and competitive prices
CosMed Automation
CosMed GmbH & Co. KG not only takes over the development and production but also the filling

"We are involved in almost all of our customers' new projects through our development," notes Dieter Sabrotzky. "Thanks to our production in Löhne, we are very fast when it comes to changes and new developments. The focus is on sustainability. Many product generations are being switched to PCR material, a recycled plastic from consumer waste. Today we are among the largest PCR processors in Germany, for example in disposable capsules for washing machines, where we use 95% recycled material. In this area, we are involved in new projects with large customers, including a well-known coffee roaster. We work with fully biodegradable products, so we are very experienced in the field of sustainability." The company has all the necessary certifications.

Always improving

The growth of the past years is a good basis for the future success of CosMed GmbH & Co. KG. To continue to be successful against other market participants, the company is focusing on further innovations. "We need to make our products better and different from the competition," explains Jens Maschmeier. "The combination of technology and design aspects, miniaturization, reduction of components, and the integration of functionalities are just a few of our topics. Internally, the big challenge is the issue of the next generation. Moreover, we need to optimize our processes in terms of energy consumption, for example, fully electric machines instead of hydraulic ones, with heat recovery or our own photovoltaic system on the roof."

At the site in Löhne, CosMed plans further investments of 4.5 million EUR, including an expansion of the production facilities by 2,000 m². In this way, the German company contributes to the continuing importance of plastics in the world.