Plastic, Metal, Wood & Co.

ASW Company Headquarters

Competence, Reliability and Quality as Strengths

Demanding tasks in sheet metal processing and welding technology are in the best of hands with ASW GmbH, located in Middle Franconia. The company from Windsbach...

Interview with Carsten Eichardt, Production Manager of ASW GmbH

Andreas Hellmann, Head of STÜKEN MEDICAL Hubert Stüken GmbH & Co. KG

Metal in Shape: Efficient Solutions for the Future

Without much ado, Hubert Stüken GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Rinteln, has advanced to become the world's leading solution provider for high-precision...

Interview with Andreas Hellmann, Head of STÜKEN MEDICAL Hubert Stüken GmbH & Co. KG

Josef Winkelheide GmbH Pallet Storage

The Pallet Professionals

Our forest is suffering. Bark beetles, storms, droughts, and heatwaves have taken their toll in recent years. Thinning the forests is therefore more important than...

Interview with Josef Winkelheide, Managing Director of Josef Winkelheide GmbH

The headquarters of Wild & Küpfer AG in Schmerikon, Switzerland

Precision in Plastics

Besides form complexity and diverse application possibilities, plastic casting convinces primarily through high dimensional accuracy and precise detail reproduction....

Interview with Tobias Wild, CEO of Wild & Küpfer AG

CosMed Nivea Products

From the Idea to the Product with Innovation and Quality

Plastics are ubiquitous in today's world and have become an integral part of our modern society. Their significance spans various sectors, from the packaging industry...

Interview with Jens Maschmeier and Dieter Sabrotzky, Managing Directors of CosMed GmbH & Co. KG


"We must meet the customers where parts are needed!"

Anyone looking for a good partner in stamping and forming technology naturally presupposes quality. But reliability, delivery reliability, and an appropriate price-performance...

Interview with Stefan Bachmaier, Managing Director of SHN STANZ SCHMIDT GmbH & Co. KG

H. and J. Steiner Aluminum Slat Fence ‘Dublin’

Functionality and Aesthetics for Your Home

Whether it's a secure staircase for your home, a privacy fence for your garden, a photovoltaic system to generate your own electricity, or ladders and scaffolding...

Interview with Daniel Popp, Authorized Officer and Member of the Executive Management of H. and J. Steiner GmbH

gym80 - Pure Power Strong Series

We want to make people a little stronger every day

Fitness and bodybuilding have long ceased to be a trend, but rather a lifestyle. People have developed a high body awareness and focus on targeted muscle training....

Interview with Carolin Kämpf, Head Of Communication at gym80 International GmbH

Alexander Stier, Head of Sales and Logistics at Stahlwerk Thüringen GmbH

Steel in the Course of Time

It's an ambitious goal: By 2050, Germany aims to be carbon-neutral. By 2030 alone, at least 55 percent less greenhouse gases are to be emitted than in 1990. To achieve...

Interview with Alexander Stier, Head of Sales and Logistics at Stahlwerk Thüringen GmbH

Wöhrle - The new 1,000-t production line

The Drive for Change

Nothing is currently changing the automotive industry more than the transformation to e-mobility. As an established supplier in this industry, Wöhrle GmbH & Co....

Interview with Michael Fahrenbach, Managing Director of Wöhrle GmbH & Co. KG

Härterei Reese Chemnitz Case Hardening via Induction

Steel-hard performance!

Hardening by heat is an ancient process: "It's been around forever," knows André Walter, managing director of Härterei Reese Chemnitz GmbH & Co. KG. However, hardening...

Interview with André Walter, Managing Director of Härterei Reese Chemnitz GmbH & Co. KG

Dirk A. Neumayer, Managing Director of Richard Neumayer GmbH

For the Climate: Moving Every Lever

'We innovate in green forging' - that is the slogan of Richard Neumayer GmbH, which specializes in forging and machining technology. Green forging? That initially...

Interview with Dirk A. Neumayer, Managing Director of Richard Neumayer GmbH

Weroform Alexander Becker, Andreas Becker, and Marcel Enslin

Between Tradition and Innovation

Plastic profiles play a crucial role in the design and construction of buildings, especially in the area of roofing and cladding. They combine aesthetic design possibilities...

Interview with Andreas Becker, Managing Director of Weroform GmbH

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