Always perfectly cooled, stored, and ventilated

Interview with Erik Deswert, Site Manager of HVA Koeling BVBA

HVA Koeling cooling and storage system for apples and pears
Optimal conditions: cooling and storage system for apples and pears

In order for fruits and vegetables to arrive fresh and crisp at the consumer after harvest, they must be optimally stored in the meantime. And this is exactly where the Belgian HVA Koeling comes into play. The company, based in Genk, specializes in cooling and storage systems for fruit, vegetables, and beverages and convinces with know-how and experience as well as consistently pioneering innovations.

"We are the only provider to build complete facilities with all components ourselves," emphasizes Erik Deswert, Site Manager of HVA Koeling. "This includes, in addition to cooling, the entire control technology as well as ventilation. Our systems also continuously measure the CO2 concentration as well as the oxygen content of the air. For over 300 customers, we take care of the complete monitoring: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."

Founded in 1983, the company initially focused on cooling elements, but later developed into central cooling, ventilation, and monitoring systems. In addition to its portfolio, HVA Koeling also expanded its customer spectrum. Originally serving fruit and vegetable growers, now traders and industry also benefit from the sophisticated and well-thought-out cooling and storage solutions from Belgium. For ten years, the company has exclusively used environmentally friendly refrigerants, and for 13 years, the company, with 35 employees and a turnover of eight million EUR, has been part of Fieuw Koeltechniek from Roeselare.

HVA Cooling Complex Cooling System
Self-developed, self-made: Complex cooling system
HVA Cooling Display Fridge for Commerce
Fresh in the store: Display fridge for commerce

Future Project Ecotron

In addition to Belgium, the customers are primarily located in South Holland, Northern France, and the German Rhineland. "We maintain our existing customers over the long term, new customers often come to us through word of mouth," describes Erik Deswert. In the future, the Site Manager wants to significantly intensify the acquisition of new customers.

Digitalization is given a very high priority. Thus, the entire electronic control of the systems including monitoring is developed by engineers in-house and also manufactured here. All systems can be powered by solar panels, the rest of the electricity is drawn when it is cheapest. Own service technicians look after the customers and provide them with advice and practical help.

An impressive example of HVA Koeling’s expertise is the Ecotron project in Maasmechelen. Here, natural growth conditions including frost, heat, and precipitation can be simulated - all thanks to systems from HVA Koeling. They provide researchers with valuable insights for cultivation. "In the coming years, we want to be even more sustainable and innovative and, in collaboration with Wageningen University, identify trends," the Site Manager mentions as goals for the future.