Projects Born Out of a Love for Design

Interview with Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Klein, Managing Partner at Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architekten GmbH

Kemper · Steiner & Partner Building
The architecture firm's portfolio covers almost all fields of high-rise construction in all phases of service

Architects are the visionaries of our built environment, the artists of space, and the engineers of aesthetics. Through their creative minds and technical expertise, they shape our cities and landscapes, design living spaces, and create places that inspire and touch. With their designs, Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architekten GmbH combines functionality and beauty as well as tradition and innovation, to create timeless masterpieces that honor the legacy of past generations and shape the future.

From university hospitals to urban districts and animal enclosures, Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architekten GmbH has realized numerous projects in the past 44 years. "Every construction task has its special framework conditions for which we want to find the best solution," says Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Klein, Managing Partner. "We have a wide range, but the common denominator of the projects is the love of design."

New Orientation

In 1980, the architecture firm was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Kemper and Dipl.-Ing. Volker Steiner. Over the years, new partners were continually added and the team has grown to 40 employees today. The last major milestone for Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architekten GmbH was moving into the current office building on Gerard-Mortier-Platz in Bochum.

Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Klein, Managing Partner of Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architekten GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Klein, Managing Partner of Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architekten GmbH

"With that came also the generational change and a different focus on New Work," notes Johannes Klein, who joined the company in 2007 and has been one of the shareholders since 2016. "Today, we work with semi-open structures or rooms for meetings, so that we can exchange even more among each other. The working methods and requirements of the employees have changed. Therefore, we've introduced full flexibility for the employees. Nonetheless, people have the need for teamwork. With the new orientation, we can satisfy different needs."

Kemper · Steiner & Partner Office Building
Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architects GmbH have a wide range of projects, the common denominator of which is the love of design / © Marcus Schwier, Düsseldorf
Kemper · Steiner & Partner New Building
The Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architects GmbH finds the best solution for every construction task

Broad Portfolio

The scope of work for Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architekten GmbH includes hospital construction, office and administrative buildings, residential construction, school construction, cultural buildings, zoological projects, urban development plans, feasibility studies, project developments, and competitions. Thus, the architectural firm's portfolio covers almost all areas of high-rise construction in all phases of service. Thanks to solid partners for the various disciplines, the company is a reliable partner in general planning. Current projects include, for example, the new seal enclosure at Dortmund Zoo, the new construction of the Regatta in Duisburg for the FISU World University Games 2025, and a building for the Stiftung Auszeit in Bochum, where children with severe disabilities are cared for so their families can take a break.

"It's nice to be able to deal with these very different topics," says Johannes Klein. "For example, we also advise companies on the implementation of new work environments. In recent years, we have become much more involved in public projects. Currently, we are, among other things, commissioned for the renovation of Bochum City Hall."

For this project, Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architekten GmbH can draw on the experience gained from the renovation of the City Hall in Witten. For over 30 years, the architectural office has also been active in hospital construction and has planned numerous wards and operating rooms in various hospitals. In addition, the construction of schools and educational buildings is taking up an increasingly large share of the project portfolio.

Kemper · Steiner & Partner Team Photo
Various generations: the team of Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architects LLC
Kemper · Steiner & Partner Office Area
Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architects works according to the principle of New Work with semi-open structures...
Kemper · Steiner & Partner Staircase
...or rooms for meetings, so that the employees can exchange even more among each other


In architecture, it's not just about designing buildings, but also about creating living spaces that improve daily life. It's about creating places that inspire, connect, and support people. Architects must consider not only aesthetic aspects but also factors like sustainability, space usage, and social responsibility in their designs.

"The issue of sustainability is taken seriously by us. We promote the use of certified building materials, try to give materials a second life, and rely on renewable building materials. Moreover, we consistently plan green roofs, plan for heat pumps or rainwater infiltration systems, and reuse raw materials. However, we must also advertise to our clients and convince them that certain things might be necessary, even if they cost more," says Johannes Klein.

The topic of sustainability is also reflected in the company philosophy. At Kemper · Steiner & Partner Architekten GmbH, different generations work together very well, from students to experienced employees, to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The education of the employees is to be specifically promoted. By doing this, the architectural firm lays the foundation for being able to create buildings and environments in the future that enrich and inspire the lives of people.