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Interview with Ravi Nirankari, Managing Director of PITERION GmbH

Ravi Nirankari, Managing Director of PITERION GmbH
Founder and Managing Director Ravi Nirankari sees PITERION well positioned for future challenges, also on an international level

Digitization is continuously accelerating and poses new challenges for companies. Experts agree that entrepreneurial success today is as closely linked to digital transformation as never before. The PITERION Group from Böblingen shares this view. PITERION is an IT full-service provider with an international orientation and a holistic approach.

For 20 years, PITERION has been active in the IT environment. The company, founded by Ravi Nirankari and a partner in 2002, employs 350 staff members today and is a medium-sized enterprise with an international presence. In addition to four locations in Germany, PITERION is present in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, India, Tunisia, and Sweden, to develop sophisticated end-to-end solutions with and for its customers.

Part of the Digital Revolution

Digitization, internationalization, and AI are the major topics that concern PITERION and its customers. "We operate in the B2B business, our customers, mainly large corporations or large medium-sized enterprises, are in the B2C business," says Managing Director Ravi Nirankari. "For them, it is crucial to keep up with digitization. Whether cars, mobile phones, or fashion, for various reasons everything is digitalized today. Digitalized products can be tracked. For meeting certain regulations, digitization is essential because digitalized products can be tracked. This is where the topic of AI comes into play."

Data is the fuel of digitalization; Piterion supports customers in this dynamic environment with end-to-end solutions

Custom-tailored instead of mass-produced

PITERION is the right partner to adjust processes or software to remain competitive and to act more efficiently in the market. Given that innovation must happen faster than ever, the cloud is also a central topic. PITERION supports clients throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. "Over time, we have developed and continually adjusted templates with which we can tailor a custom solution for our clients," emphasizes Ravi Nirankari. "Figuratively speaking, we are an internationally oriented German tailor shop, while others produce in mass. With this philosophy of offering clients the suitable solution for them, we are one of the big players in our field, Production and Product IT, in the German market. Predicting future developments is challenging and depends largely on politics. What is clear, however, is that we are set up internationally and prepared for new topics and changes, and we will continue to deliver and implement good ideas in the future."