Economy and Nature in Harmony

Interview with Dipl.-Ing. Franz Rösl Managing Director of RÖSL GmbH & Co. KG

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RÖSL GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Regensburg, represents a success story of over 30 years as a family-run business in Bavaria and Saxony. In 2022, Dipl.-Ing. Franz Rösl took over sole management and has since set clear priorities. His maxim is: "Our actions must serve the region and be compatible with Mother Earth." Thus, the company redefines its focus after years of establishment. With a clear focus on the common good, RÖSL harmoniously aligns economy and nature.

The RÖSL GmbH & Co. KG, based in Regensburg, is a family-owned company that has undergone impressive development since its foundation in 1968. Today, the company employs more than 100 staff members at locations in Bavaria and Saxony and offers a broad range of products and services that meet all the requirements of the construction industry.

Solid Development Performance

The company's roots can be traced back to Edeltraud and Gerhard Rösl, who laid the foundation for the corporate group in 1968 with the trade of agricultural products. Over the years, the founders continuously expanded the business area, and with the entry of their two sons, Christian and Franz Rösl, the positive development was solidified. In addition to agricultural trade, the business expanded to include building materials trade, gravel plant, and clay pit, as well as compost and soil manufacturing as additional mainstays.

Dipl.-Ing. Franz Rösl Managing Director of RÖSL GmbH & Co. KG
Dipl.-Ing. Franz Rösl Managing Director of RÖSL GmbH & Co. KG


Since the beginning of 2022, Franz Rösl has been responsible as the Managing Partner for the entire corporate group, focusing on a culture of appreciation among employees and customers, as well as with the region itself. "RÖSL has evolved naturally and has now grown into a large family," says Franz Rösl. "We have always wanted to create additional value for the region." Thus, the management is actively volunteering for soil health. This knowledge is also applied directly on-site during earthworks.

RÖSL Leonardite
For example, leonardite makes a valuable contribution in the areas of soil improvement, water treatment, and animal health
RÖSL Nature Conservation
RÖSL has assumed a pioneering role in terms of ecological responsibility and reconciles nature conservation and economic efficiency

Responsibility for the Environment

Franz Rösl emphasizes that every generation has its significance for the company. Edeltraud and Gerhard Rösl created a solid foundation and built up the company. The current generation sees itself as human, partner, and has a clear responsibility towards the environment. This is also reflected in a strong focus on nature conservation measures and the strengthening of biodiversity.

With, not against nature

In principle, the Rösl corporate group works with, not against nature. As early as 2003, a geological nature trail was built in Regensburg, and the company has been engaged in humus research for 25 years. "Our product Leonardite is used, for example, in animal feed, manure treatment, or soil improvement," notes the managing director. "Thus, we can make a valuable contribution in the areas of soil, water, plant, and animal health." Delivered wastes are, where possible, processed and turned into certified construction materials and products, all in the spirit of the circular economy and the resource-conserving handling of natural resources.

Broad Range of Services

With around 120 employees and a broad spectrum of services in the areas of earthworks, demolition, transport, as well as soil and stone processing, the Rösl corporate group is active in Bavaria and Saxony. At twelve locations, raw materials are extracted, for example, clay, stones, gravel, and soils. Mining areas are filled in with soil without the need for remediation afterwards.

In Harmony with Nature

"Even during ongoing operations, we contribute to species and nature conservation by creating habitats," Franz Rösl emphasizes. For example, during earthworks, a steep face is deliberately created, which provides nesting places for birds during the breeding season. Also, the creation of diverse water bodies creates habitats for many species, such as amphibians or even protected plants.

Economic Efficiency and Nature Conservation

A relatively new aspect of the service spectrum is the creation and maintenance of so-called ecological accounts. These are intended for the preparation of renaturation, for instance, to protect endangered species. "We exceed the guidelines and also make eco-accounts available to other companies," explains the managing director. "Our goal is to dissolve the dividing line between economy and nature and to bring both into harmony with each other."

Format and Culture

The target group of the Rösl Group extends across Bavaria and Saxony, with no plans for export activities. "We want to create formats within our sphere of influence that can be adopted and possibly further developed by other companies," says Franz Rösl. "It is important to us that we take responsibility as a company and have a positive influence on the region, its people, and its flora and fauna."

Review and Outlook

The past year concluded with a year-end celebration for the employees in Bavaria by the Rösl Group. Managing director Franz Rösl emphasized the importance of the dedicated efforts of all employees for the success of the company. Despite current challenges, he looks to the future with confidence, thanks to the loyal support of the workforce.

Role Model

Overall, the history of the Rösl Group reflects how nature conservation, economic performance, and regional commitment can be successfully linked. The company acts as a role model by not only operating sustainably and regionally but also actively contributing to strengthening biodiversity and the region.