Simplifying Complex Processes

Interview with Ing. Harald Falkner, Managing Director of fab4minds Informationstechnik GmbH

Ing. Harald Falkner, Managing Director of fab4minds Informationstechnik GmbH
Ing. Harald Falkner, Managing Director of fab4minds Informationstechnik GmbH

In today's dynamic business world, digitalization is at the center of change. Companies of all sizes and sectors are increasingly recognizing the need to rethink their traditional workflows and processes and to optimize them using digital technologies. The digitalization of business processes not only offers the opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce costs but also to explore new avenues of innovation and growth. fab4minds Informationstechnik GmbH offers an all-in-one solution for digitizing business processes in the food industry.

fab4minds Information Technology GmbH is a leading company in the field of digital transformation, which has continuously evolved since its foundation in 2001. Originally started with a focus on grain logistics software, the company quickly developed into a provider of standard software for the food industry.

"Our unique selling point is that we are both a software provider and a consulting firm and implementation partner in one," emphasizes Harald Falkner, Managing Director. "So we accompany the entire digitization process and are there as a long-term and sustainable partner for our clients in the implementation of their IT projects."

Industry-Specific Solutions

fab4minds Corporate Headquarters in Vienna
The fab4minds Information Technology GmbH has its headquarters in Vitis in Austria, here the Vienna location

The history of fab4minds already began before its establishment with the development of the first grain logistics software in 1999 as part of a school project. In 2004, the product portfolio was expanded to include quality assurance, which strengthened fab4minds' positioning as a quality provider.

fab4minds Employees in Conversation
The philosophy of fab4minds is characterized by a Next-Generation-Business-IT approach, which is based on sustainability, innovation, and customer orientation
fab4minds Meeting Room
fab4minds Information Technology GmbH strives to interact with its clients at eye level and create an atmosphere in which employees can enjoy freedoms to contribute their creative ideas

Over the years, fab4minds has expanded its range of services and introduced quality assurance as well as the FoodResourceManager, enabling the company to enter the commodity management sector. Through its expertise and industry-specific solutions, it was able to win over renowned customers like Sonnentor. By 2017, fab4minds became a standard software provider, with a business angel exiting and the company continuing its journey as a family business.

Long-term Partnerships

The challenges in the market were addressed by fab4minds Information Technology GmbH with a unique approach. Their unique selling proposition is that they do not just offer software, but also act as a consultancy and implementation partner to accompany their clients through the entire digitization process. Their low-code environment and industry focus on four different communities allow fab4minds to provide customized solutions and establish long-term partnerships.

fab4minds Seminar Room
The unique selling point of fab4minds Informationstechnik GmbH is that it not only offers software but also acts as a consulting firm and implementation partner

The target group of the company are enterprise customers with more than 200 to 300 users. Meanwhile, the fabular software platform is available in ten languages and is used in eight European countries. With a workforce of 75, distributed across various locations in Austria and Germany, and planned branches in the Netherlands, France, and Norway, fab4minds has created a solid foundation for further growth.

End-to-End Solution for the Food Industry

The product and service range of fab4minds focuses on combining industry knowledge with state-of-the-art technology. "Our strategy is to offer an end-to-end solution for the food industry," explains Harald Falkner. "We have completely redeveloped the system three times to include the current requirements of our customers and to completely cover their needs in terms of functionality. The last step was the financial accounting and we recently presented the whole thing at BIOFACH.

Another issue that is becoming increasingly important in the industry is also CO2 and sustainability accounting. fab4minds is already involved in projects to create a sustainability accounting system.

fab4minds Employees
fab4minds Employees

The philosophy of fab4minds is characterized by a Next-Generation Business IT approach focused on sustainability, innovation, and customer orientation. The company aims to interact with its customers at eye level and to create an atmosphere in which employees can enjoy freedom to bring in their creative ideas.

Continuous development

The outlook for fab4minds is promising as the company continuously works on the development of their platform and the introduction of new technologies. "Currently, we are working on the next generation of our platform, where a technology switch towards Mobile First ERP is even more in focus," says Harald Falkner. "Our goal is to become the leading provider of digitalization solutions for the food industry and to stand by our customers as a reliable partner – from consulting to rollout and beyond."

Looking to the future, fab4minds continuously works on innovative solutions such as the fabular AI, which autonomously assesses processes. They strive to be a Single Point of Contact for their customers' digitalization requirements, supporting them from consulting to rollout. With their industry-specific solutions, innovative approach, and sustainable business philosophy, fab4minds is well-positioned to continue playing a significant role in the digital transformation of the food industry.