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Interview with Ing. DI (FH) Markus Geyeregger, M.Sc., CEO of BETA Wellness HandelsgesmbH

Beta Wellness Family Sauna with Panoramic View into the Garden
Mirrored on three sides, the Amadé Panorama combines purist-elegant design with traditional sauna benefits: a family sauna with three sides of panoramic view into the garden

The world of wellbeing is elevated to a new level, driven by companies like BETA Wellness HandelsgesmbH in Vösendorf near Vienna. With founder and CEO Ing. DI (FH) Markus Geyeregger, M.Sc. we take a look at the background of the innovative company, whose success story began with the distribution of whirlpools. Meanwhile, BETA Wellness significantly contributes to shaping the market and setting new standards for luxurious wellness products.

Today, BETA Wellness not only distributes outdoor hot tub brands such as ‘Artesian Spas’ and ‘Jacuzzi’ in the USA, but also develops its own designs of hot tubs and swim spas. A special focus is on exclusive private labels at attractive end customer prices. The close cooperation with retail chains, plumbing and installation companies, as well as well-known architects and developers, underscores BETA Wellness's position as a leading company in the distribution of hot tubs, swim spas, and saunas in Central and Eastern Europe.

Beginnings in the USA

Ing. DI(FH) Markus Geyeregger, M.Sc., Managing Director of BETA Wellness HandelsgesmbH
Ing. DI(FH) Markus Geyeregger, M.Sc., Managing Director of BETA Wellness HandelsgesmbH

Markus Geyeregger, Managing Director and founder of BETA Wellness, began working in the automotive supply industry after completing his studies. Love led him to the USA, where he took on the representation for Artesian Spas at a trade show in Las Vegas. "The cooperation started with six ordered whirlpools, two of which were actually intended for private use," notes the managing director. "But they were sold immediately, followed by twelve more at the fair in Graz. That was the cornerstone for the founding of my own company in 2005."

Growth and Structure

The impressive development of BETA Wellness is evident in the company's global presence with showrooms in Austria, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, and the USA. BETA Wellness now employs over 500 staff members, and the annual turnover of 25 million EUR in Austria alone underscores the success. The structure includes not only wholesale but also a private sauna plant in Maribor, Slovenia, and a main plant in China with 200 employees.

Beta Wellness Swimming Landscape
Optimized energy efficiency through foaming or installation of a power-saving circulation pump allows for carefree swimming and relaxation all year round
Beta Wellness Amadé Sauna with Whirlpool
The perfect combination, everything from one source: Amadé Sauna with Whirlpool

Not Off the Peg

BETA Wellness distinguishes itself through continuous innovation. "Our developments are often three years ahead, then other manufacturers catch up," confirms Markus Geyeregger. "A disinfection system without chlorine, the integration of patented technologies for pool installation, and a pool cover system are examples of the company's pioneering role. The design line for saunas even received the Red Dot Award. In-house developments like the mirror glass sauna, which is transparent from the inside but opaque from the outside, are setting new standards and have revolutionized the market. BETA Wellness consistently introduces innovative products to the market.

International Presence

As the exclusive dealer for Jacuzzi in Austria, BETA Wellness has carved out a strong position. In Great Britain and Australia, where the market is complex, the company stands out with eleven showrooms and a presence supplied by China. The target group is end consumers aged 35 to 70 years, who already own a house and can afford the luxury of wellness products.

BETA Wellness Hot Tub
At BETA Wellness, everyone finds the perfect wellness solution, whether indoor or outdoor

Marketing Strategy

In addition to utilizing social media, the focus is on brand awareness and marketing in high-end media such as glossy magazines and wellness testimonials. Warehouse sales, trade fairs, and presentations in showrooms offer customers the opportunity to test the waters, naturally with champagne.

Best Order Situation

The last few years have been marked by challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine war, and an energy price shock. Nevertheless, BETA Wellness currently records the best order situation since its inception and continuous growth. "We plan to use this momentum to further expand our innovation leadership, strengthen our market position, and offer our clients exclusive and sustainable wellness solutions in the coming years," emphasizes the managing director.

Beta Wellness Amade Sauna with Whirlpool
Beta Wellness Bathing Landscape
Beta Wellness Terrace with Pool

Sustainable Concept

BETA Wellness offers custom orders with a delivery time of three months. The decision for foam-insulated pools without a heat pump is based on comprehensive studies. "Non-insulated pools require significantly higher electricity consumption of 90 to 100 EUR per month, while foam-insulated models are much more energy efficient at only 30 EUR per month," Markus Geyeregger points out. "This concept pays for itself after just three years and not only contributes to cost savings for customers but is also sustainable and resource-efficient."

Future Perspectives

Overall, the impressive success story of BETA Wellness not only highlights the innovation and entrepreneurial skill of Markus Geyeregger but also the commitment of the entire team. By combining exclusive design, innovative technologies, and a clear focus on customer satisfaction, BETA Wellness has rightfully established itself as a significant player in the world of wellness products.