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Interview with Markus Schnüpke, CEO of BISS Gesellschaft für Büroinformationssysteme mbH

Markus Schnüpke, CEO of BISS Gesellschaft für Büroinformationssysteme mbH
Markus Schnüpke, CEO of BISS Gesellschaft für Büroinformationssysteme mbH

Digitalizing processes is a major challenge for companies across all sectors in itself. In addition, the ESG requirements at national and EU levels bring about new topics that need to be considered and integrated. BISS Gesellschaft für Büroinformationssysteme mbH, a developer of innovative software solutions and a benchmark for IT process solutions in the insurance industry, has developed a solution that explicitly focuses on sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental protection.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Schnüpke, as an IT partner for companies, what is BISS's core competency?

Markus Schnüpke: We started back in 1988 as manufacturers of what were then innovative software tools and technical open-source components. Today, we focus on two major areas. One is supporting the insurance sector, with a focus on sales, and the other is cross-industry support for companies on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues.

Biss Caigo
BISS/CAIGO focuses on topics related to sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental protection; here a screenshot about regions and countries
Bite Company Headquarters in Oldenburg
The company's headquarters in Oldenburg, Germany

Wirtschaftsforum: ESG is a multifaceted topic. What exactly do you offer your clients in this area?

Markus Schnüpke: Our solution is called BISS/CAIGO. CAIGO is Chinese and means "supply chain". It covers topics around sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental protection. CAIGO supports companies from various industries in implementing and managing risk analysis and reporting processes. This enables them to efficiently comply with legal requirements, such as the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), or the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD). The USP of our solution is a central risk-hub, through which we process and make scalable risk analyses, for example from UNICEF or the World Bank. Since January 1 of this year, companies with more than 1,000 employees are required to report. Now, there's also the EU expansion to consider. The market is huge, the topic complex and a big challenge for many companies. The ESG topic is very close to our hearts. We are a business, but for us, it's not just about profit. With our solution, we want to make the world a slightly better place in some areas.

Wirtschaftsforum: Who do you target with BISS/CAIGO?

Markus Schnüpke: Essentially, the solution is of interest across industries for all companies dealing with sustainability, supply chains, and CO2 balances. BISS/CAIGO is suitable for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises. Currently, we are in talks with two major fashion labels, manufacturers of utility machines, and companies in the commercial vehicle sector. For now, we are focusing on Germany, but we have also received initial inquiries from Switzerland and the Netherlands. Due to EU regulations, the issue is gaining an international dimension.

BISS Caigo Feature Overview
A feature overview of BISS/CAIGO

Wirtschaftsforum: What is the focus of your solution for the insurance industry?

Markus Schnüpke: Here, we offer two solutions, BISS/INDIGO and BISS/XALEO. With these, we have now become well-established in the insurance industry. Both products focus on processes related to consulting, rates, the creation of offers, and the handling of applications. They extensively support technical and process optimization and the communication between organizations as well as brokers and insurers. While BISS/INDIGO offers a large assortment of features for the efficient implementation of sales systems, BISS/XALEO is based on established BiPRO standards for standardized data transmission and processing.

Wirtschaftsforum: What are your plans for the coming years?

Markus Schnüpke: We will continue to expand our software solutions and commit ourselves to the field of sustainability. In optimizing our software solutions, integration of artificial intelligence, user-friendliness, and efficiency are key concepts. We want to advance our commitment to sustainability topics across industries and position ourselves as pioneers here. With our approach, we aim not only to contribute to differentiation in the market but also to create real added value for our society and our environment. We see it as our company's responsibility to make a positive ecological and social contribution.