Effective HRM Solutions for Success in Human Resources

Interview with Norbert Rautenberg, Managing Director and Andreas Grohn, Teamlead Marketing & Communication at rexx systems GmbH

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In the modern working world, efficient Human Resource Management is crucial for a company's success. In this context, the right HR software plays a decisive role. HR software solutions offer companies the opportunity to optimize their personnel processes, increase employee satisfaction, and ultimately improve company performance. rexx systems GmbH is a leading software provider in the areas of Human Resource, Recruiting, and Talent Management.

The management of HR matters, employee development and retention, as well as compliance with legal regulations are just some of the diverse tasks that HR teams face on a daily basis. From recruiting and hiring new talents to managing digital personnel files and performance evaluations, modern HR platforms offer a wide range of features that enable HR professionals to accomplish their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Norbert Rautenberg, Managing Director of rexx systems GmbH
Norbert Rautenberg, Managing Director
Andreas Grohn, Teamlead Marketing & Communication at rexx systems GmbH
Andreas Grohn, Teamlead Marketing & Communication

rexx systems GmbH is distinguished by outstanding products that set industry standards, and consistently introduces innovative solutions. "Our ability to delve deeply allows us to offer our clients profound process optimizations that lead to rapid cost savings," says Norbert Rautenberg, founder and CEO. "As pioneers in the industry, we introduced annual fees early on, which today is considered standard. The quality of our products and services is unmatched and our ISO certification underscores our commitment to safety and excellence. With many years of experience in the market and an extremely flexible software, we are well equipped to meet the individual requirements of our customers."

Successful Development

Founded in the year 2000 by Norbert Rautenberg, an experienced software engineer, rexx systems has its origins in the Dotcom era. Initially aiming to be active in the internet sector, the company quickly turned to developing standard software with added value.

With its first product, a CRM tool for the pharmaceutical sector, the company successfully won its first customers from the industry. Over the years, rexx systems has evolved from recruiting to comprehensive HR solutions, always striving to exceed industry standards.

rexx systems Customer Conversation
rexx systems strives for long-term customer relationships and invests significantly in customer care and support
rexx systems Meeting
rexx systems offers comprehensive solutions in the field of HR, People, and Culture

"We always wanted to do it better than our competitors," explains Norbert Rautenberg. "Right from the start, we had very good products and also introduced new things that had not yet existed in the industry. This allowed us to break even after five years."

With 150 employees and 100 external consultants from three consulting firms working exclusively for rexx systems, the software provider records a revenue of more than 50 million EUR thanks to an average annual growth of 30 to 40%. With locations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, rexx systems is firmly established in the German-speaking area.

Increasing Competitiveness

rexx systems offers comprehensive solutions in the area of HR, People, and Culture. "We support employees from getting to know each other to offboarding with our software," describes Andreas Grohn, Teamlead Marketing & Communications, the performance portfolio. Especially recruiting is crucial for the competitiveness of companies in the context of the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

rexx systems Training
rexx systems accompanies employees with its software from getting to know them to offboarding

"Many companies neglect the role that speed plays in recruiting," notes Norbert Rautenberg. "Applications sit around for far too long. Our software accelerates the processes and enables automated evaluation of applications. I wrote my thesis on the subject of AI more than 30 years ago, which is why we have always worked with very intelligent algorithms. This year, we will release a new AI package, with features such as bots for assistance. We now see ourselves as a company that delivers the transformation to digitalization for all kinds of corporate processes."

For optimal customer results

rexx systems aims for long-term customer relationships and invests significantly in customer care and support. Their commitment to exchange, transparency, and communication is also reflected in their internal processes, supported by an active tool. As one of the few providers not driven by venture capital, the company places great value on who is behind it and actively involves its employees in the company's success.

"In addition, we value long-term customer relationships and invest a lot in it," says Norbert Rautenberg. "The software from SAP and their partners is not bad, but requires a lot of know-how for customization. That is underestimated by companies. With us, it's much simpler and it is our great concern that our customers can also optimally utilize our software."