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Interview with Philipp Huber, CEO of Dietrich Isol AG

Dietrich Isol Unitex Wall
A broad product portfolio for efficient thermal insulation: Dietrich Isol AG creates individual solutions for every property characteristic

Climate change with unpredictable temperatures. Energy costs that keep the economy on its toes. And a race to keep the CO2 footprint as low as possible in the crucial building sector through contemporary insulation. For over 75 years, Swiss Dietrich Isol AG has dedicated itself to building insulation and has become a hidden champion for individual solutions with wood wool in this field, thanks to a spirit of innovation that brings durability to the market, operates sustainably, and has also positioned itself at the forefront of acoustic solutions.

Looking at the corporate history of Dietrich Isol AG, it becomes clear where the innovative power for this positioning comes from. Because in the 1940s, many things were considered – but insulation was not yet a major concern. Different was the case in Switzerland, where the founding of the company Dietrich for the production of wood wool boards, from the basement of a village store, almost showed an American pioneering spirit. With modest means, Hermann Dietrich developed the first products.

Thoroughly a family business

Fast forward to the energy crisis of the 1970s: The 2nd generation under Franz Dietrich optimized the product range, as the pressure to save energy increased, and so did the need for better insulation. Franz Dietrich then developed a multi-layer board with an additional insulation layer, thereby creating the basis for the current product portfolio.

Philipp Huber, CEO of Dietrich Isol AG
Philipp Huber, CEO of Dietrich Isol AG

The 3rd generation under Daniel Dietrich, who has been responsible since the 2000s, continues the success through innovation: The just-in-time production process was implemented – a crucial decision for the further development of the company, which has been represented with a GmbH in Germany since 2014 and is currently planning a Dietrich Academy for the next generation and business partners to secure expert knowledge.

Dietrich Isol Underground Parking
Underground car parks and bus stations: Special insulation boards with sound-absorbing properties are in demand here
Dietrich Isol Insulation Boards
Wood wool multi-layer boards are often the best solution for indoor climate and acoustics, also in the base area with the new Duro board

Philipp Huber, who has strengthened Dietrich Isol AG as CEO since 2020, is visibly thrilled when he talks about the company he is responsible for: "Today, we can pick up right where the company has placed itself at the forefront in the field of underground parking and cellar ceiling insulation over the years. Innovation has always been our main driver. And today, this includes sustainability and internationalization as well as digitalization in production and sales to make our processes simpler and more efficient."

Sustainability is emphasized

The theme of innovation thus also directs investments in the product and service range: In dialogue with the customer, new surfaces are developed. Duro-S, for example, was recently launched on the market – a highly compressed wood wool board that has higher strength in the base area and thus finds application, for example, in underground garages.

Dietrich Isol Company Headquarters

"Wood wool is suitable for a wide variety of insulation applications due to its material properties and versatility," explains Philipp Huber. "A wood wool top layer protects the insulation material, can absorb moisture very well, improves fire protection, and has a longevity of at least 60 to 70 years."

Insulation boards with this material are also suitable for basements and technical rooms. The positive acoustic properties of the wood wool boards make their use on ceilings and walls particularly sensible. "Our product portfolio in Switzerland now also includes pure acoustic panels, for example for offices and schools," the managing director continues.

He emphasizes how Dietrich Isol AG always focuses on individual solutions to get the best out of it for their customers. "We produce individually and do not deliver standard products. Based on our expertise, we work with different top layers, insulating materials, formats, colors, and fixings. By producing individually and not delivering standard products, we meet the needs of the customers – in the area of thermal insulation as well as acoustics. This is also made possible by our flexibility as a family business."

Dietrich Isol Wood Wool as Insulation Material
Wood wool as insulation material. Here, Dietrich Isol AG is an innovative pioneer for the construction industry and the best example of sustainability
Dietrich Isol Duro-S in use at the SwissLife Arena
Duro-S in use at the SwissLife Arena. This highly compressed insulation board offers higher strength in the base area

That Dietrich Isol AG is incidentally the only wood wool producer with its own recycling plant underscores the importance of sustainability in the company – and this is also seen in the construction industry, where solutions involving wood are highly valued.

“There are many cheap products that last a maximum of ten years and thus have a poor long-term record in the construction material cycle,” notes Philipp Huber, who is convinced that Dietrich Isol's durable insulation solutions are so well received in the construction industry, especially in difficult times, precisely because of sustainability reasons. “We have always been oriented towards progress and have remained flexible. This pays off just as much as our Swiss-made quality, our precise construction site logistics, and our long-standing customer relationships.”

When asked about a look into the future, Philipp Huber sets clear priorities: intensified differentiation, expansion of international business – and further reduction of the carbon footprint.