"Migration to the cloud is usually simpler than thought!"

Interview with Berkan Denkci, VP of Sales Central Europe at Enghouse AG

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Thanks to the holistic view provided by Enghouse's clear dashboards, contact centers are easier to control

"Our central vision is to always offer the most current solutions in our segment that meet the market standard," summarizes Berkan Denkci, VP of Sales Central Europe at Enghouse AG, the mission of his company, which offers a variety of contact center services worldwide. Which topics are currently of particular concern to his customers and why migrating to the cloud opens up many opportunities, he explained in an interview with Wirtschaftsforum.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Denkci, for over 35 years, Enghouse has been committed as a proficient provider of contact center solutions in the market. At what point do you exactly support your clients?

Berkan Denkci: Thanks to our strong growth and numerous acquisitions, through which we have been able to develop new tools and software environments worldwide in recent years, we now offer a very comprehensive portfolio in the market, ranging from the classic on-premise area to hybrid implementations and full cloud solutions. In order to also support the ongoing optimization of conversations in a given contact center, we also provide appropriate quality management suites as well as reporting tools and clear dashboards, from which powerful action recommendations can be quickly derived. Of course, AI also plays a central role in all these topics nowadays and sets important impulses for further innovations.

Berkan Denkci, VP of Sales Central Europe at Enghouse AG
Berkan Denkci, VP of Sales Central Europe at Enghouse AG

Wirtschaftsforum: Specifically, the migration of on-premise solutions to the cloud is currently high on the agenda for many companies – even if this step is still sometimes avoided due to the associated effort.

Berkan Denkci: Our experience shows: It usually goes much easier than initially thought. In our daily business, we repeatedly see that the Heads of Contact Center are somewhat alarmed by the impending change – but through comprehensive consulting in which we incorporate all of our expertise, we can usually quickly and specifically dispel the relevant concerns. The advantages that result from migration to the cloud for most application areas are very powerful and simplify processes in many places. Especially in the e-commerce segment, omnichannel solutions are becoming increasingly important, in which the various inbound and outbound channels as well as the connections to social networks, such as to Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok, are stringently bundled together in a comprehensive environment – this, for example, can be implemented much more simply in the cloud.

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The DACH market is served from the Leipzig location
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Enghouse continues to support its customers beyond the go-live date, offering extensive maintenance and training measures

Wirtschaftsforum: What are the other advantages of the Cloud?

Berkan Denkci: Training is also an important issue in this context, not least because of the massive changes brought about by the pandemic, when remote work solutions were implemented as a top priority by almost all companies and were subsequently maintained on a large scale. Today, employees no longer have to be summoned to a training center for further education, but can undergo their training in their usual environment at a low threshold – this represents a great advantage, especially against the backdrop of rapid further innovation steps. All of these approaches are united by the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for them - what represents a viable solution for one customer may be significantly over- or underdimensioned for another company.

Wirtschaftsforum: How do you find the right balance?

Berkan Denkci: The keyword is Customization. We accompany our customers from the analysis of their existing environment through the design of a holistic solution including its consistent implementation to the Go Live and, of course, beyond in the context of ongoing maintenance and the implementation of further iterative improvements, should a corresponding need arise. In addition to large, globally operating corporations with a very complex contact center infrastructure, we also work a lot with start-ups as well as smaller and medium-sized companies that do not need an all-around solution, or for whom such would be completely uneconomical. Here, it is therefore first and foremost necessary to precisely identify what the respective company actually needs for a stringent and positive customer communication in order to then decide, based on the subsequent pricing, whether the desired goal can also be economically implemented. One thing is certain: Often the costs can be significantly minimized with the corresponding cloud solutions.

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No one-size-fits-all solution: The individual design of the respective Contact Center is determined in close coordination with the customers

Wirtschaftsforum: Enghouse manages customers around the world with its global operations. How significant are the local differences in everyday life actually?

Berkan Denkci: The individual priorities can indeed vary across different countries - in the DACH region, an important focus is, for example, on our outbound dialer ELSBETH. However, our cloud solutions CCAAS and CxENGAGE are essentially designed for worldwide implementation. Especially in Europe, the issue of GDPR plays an important role, within which our uncompromising legal compliance is a forceful argument in the market: Our nodes remain local in principle. At the same time, the particularly strict regulatory requirements from Germany have a strong normative effect beyond the DACH region: Because a solution that is legally compliant in this country is likely to be so in most other markets as well.