The future begins in the cloud: Efficient processes for your business

Interview with Alexander Kintzi, Executive Board of Scopevisio AG

Alexander Kintzi, Executive Board of Scopevisio AG
Alexander Kintzi, Executive Board of Scopevisio AG

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and accordingly, the business processes in companies must grow to create an overview and thus the basis for well-founded decisions. Flexibility and scalability for long-term competitiveness are further key terms. The software of Scopevisio AG from Bonn covers all commercial business processes in one solution and also offers scalability options.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Kintzi, what are the core elements and functions of your solution?

Alexander Kintzi: We are manufacturers of a cloud ERP software for commercial and business management processes. This means we offer a comprehensive solution for optimizing and automating processes in administration, sales, procurement, as well as in HR and finance. With our software, we cover the entire process 'From Lead-to-Cash', that is from the initial contact to the winning of the customer to the issuance of the invoice or to the receipt of payment.

Wirtschaftsforum: You operate in a highly competitive market. What makes your solution and your company different from other providers?

Alexander Kintzi: We offer everything in one software and are still open for interfaces to other industry-specific systems. Our software maps complex processes but is still quick and simple to implement due to established standards. Many other solutions require high time efforts on the part of the customers. Also, high initial investments for hardware, licenses, and services from external consultants are necessary. This is not the case with us. We are cloud-based and have standard processes that can be scaled. Moreover, many consulting services are already included as business intelligence and methodologies in our software, allowing us to offer our customers more attractive prices. High, unexpected individual consultations afterwards are not necessary. Last but not least, we support our customers with industry-specific, individual reporting, so they can track their KPIs in real-time from anywhere on any device.

Scopevisio Cloud Entrepreneur's Day 2024

Wirtschaftsforum: What target groups do you focus on?

Alexander Kintzi: Our core target group includes medium-sized enterprises with 50 to 2,500 employees as well as hotels and hospitals. Furthermore, we follow a consistent acquisition strategy to quickly open up more market segments and industries. For example, we have acquired a software manufacturer that focuses on trade. Soon, we will thereby be better positioned for e-commerce as well.

Wirtschaftsforum: Do you focus exclusively on the German market?

Alexander Kintzi: No, we are already active in Austria in addition to Germany. We plan to further penetrate the German and Austrian SME market by 2026. After that, we intend to target neighboring countries such as Czech Republic, the Benelux countries, Italy, and also Spain.

Wirtschaftsforum: What are the current market issues that concern your customers?

Alexander Kintzi: Central themes include artificial intelligence, bureaucracy, and the shortage of skilled workers. Here, software must assist with concrete implementation suggestions. Our solution encompasses the automation of traditional paper processes, such as invoice management, ordering systems, or the approval process. We operate almost paperlessly and can work more efficiently across teams and organizations with our cloud-based software, thus allowing us to grow faster.

Scopevisio Screenshot
Scopevisio Screenshot
Scopevisio Screenshot

Wirtschaftsforum: How was Scopevisio created?

Alexander Kintzi: Dr. Jörg Haas and Rüdiger Wilbert founded a company for hospital information systems in 1996, achieving international growth to the size of a corporation. The company was sold, and with the proceeds, Scopevisio was founded in 2007. The goal was and is to build a new technology conglomerate for ERP alongside SAP in Germany – based on pure cloud technology. We now employ over 300 staff and generate a mid double-digit million turnover. We are growing solidly and profitably.

Wirtschaftsforum: The year 2024 is still young. What are your topics?

Alexander Kintzi: We continue to strive for 'Excellence' in everything we do – in software development, marketing and consulting, as well as in support. Our guiding principle always plays an important role: ‘Simplify your daily business’. That is, further automations in our software eliminate routine tasks for customers. Additionally, the topic of HR management is becoming more important. Here we have set up with a larger, dedicated HR development team. We will soon cover the entire employee lifecycle with our software – from recruiting and onboarding to talent management and time recording to payroll. Thus, we enable the digitization of the complete personnel file.

The Scopevisio Cloud Entrepreneur Day 2024
The Scopevisio Cloud Entrepreneur Day 2024
Scopevisio Business Application Platform
The holistic Scopevisio Business Application Platform

Wirtschaftsforum: What long-term goal have you set with Scopevisio?

Alexander Kintzi: We aim to grow profitably and go public after crossing the 100 million EUR revenue mark. To achieve this, we will rely not only on organic growth but also on the acquisition of competitors with outdated technology, whose customers we will migrate to our central Business Application Platform. Moreover, we will continue to consistently advance the automation of routine activities in our software using Artificial Intelligence – true to our motto ‘Simplify your daily business’.