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Interview with Dipl.-Kaufm. (FH) Matthias Müller, CSO of SEAL Systems AG

Dipl.-Kaufm. (FH) Matthias Müller, CSO of SEAL Systems AG
Dipl.-Kaufm. (FH) Matthias Müller, CSO of SEAL Systems AG

Efficient management of data and information as well as the optimization of business processes are crucial for the success of an organization. In this context, Enterprise Output Solutions, which are solutions for the management, distribution, and output of corporate data and files, are becoming increasingly important. These specialized software solutions aim to optimize the output of information and documents in companies to save resources, increase efficiency, and ensure comprehensive control over the output process. SEAL Systems AG ensures optimal information and data flows in companies.

The increasing complexity of business operations, the need for digitalization, and the requirements for compliance and safety make Enterprise Output Solutions an indispensable tool for modern companies. "We see ourselves not just as product providers, but primarily as solution providers," says Dipl.-Kaufm. (FH) Matthias Müller, CSO of SEAL Systems AG. "With a wide range of software products that can be used in various industries, we tailor our solutions individually to the business processes of our customers."

Pioneers of the Industry

SEAL Systems AG, founded in 1981, has established itself from the beginning as a pioneer in the development of Output Management solutions. With the world's first implementation of the graphical core system GKS, the company set early standards in the industry. A crucial redefinition of Enterprise Output Management occurred in 2008 when SEAL Systems combined Business, Network, and Engineering Printing with integrated device management and monitoring. This innovative approach made the company a leader in the industry and ensured that customers could gain comprehensive control over their output processes.


Continuous Optimization

The strength of SEAL Systems lies, among other things, in its deep integration into SAP. This allows additional documents for various SAP processes to be collected and processed at the push of a button, making the solution unique worldwide. Cloud technologies play a central role, with customers moving to the cloud alongside SEAL Systems and benefiting from software that is cloud-enabled. In addition, the company offers Managed Services that allow customers to outsource their Output Management. Regarding innovations, SEAL Systems keeps up with the times. “For example, we already had solutions for SAP HANA before customers asked for them,” says Matthias Müller. “We have 16 SAP systems in-house to always optimally represent the landscape of our customers.”

Looking towards the future, SEAL Systems aims for further growth by 2025 and pursues the goal of becoming number 1 in the market for Enterprise Output Solutions. To this end, the company focuses on modern solutions that keep pace with current developments. An example of this is entering the area of Software as a Service (SaaS), where customers no longer need their own management system. SEAL Systems continuously optimizes the Output Management System to ensure that customers always benefit from advanced and efficient solutions.