Freedom through Security: “Unlock your freedom to move”

Interview with Carlos Rocholl, Managing Director of ISEO Germany GmbH

ISEO Germany Libra with 1NCA Cable Free Smart Finger
The evolution is moving from mechanical to connected products: Libra with 1NCA Cable Free Smart Finger

With a clear focus on innovation and internationality, ISEO Germany GmbH has developed into a significant player in the field of security and access control. Managing Director Carlos Rocholl provides insights into the history, current challenges, the product range, and the future strategies of the company, which has belonged to the internationally active company ISEO since 2014.

Freedom through Security - only when security and reliability are ensured can relaxation and trust develop. Since its founding in 1969, ISEO has stood for these values. The Italian company started with the production of keys, cylinders, and other security products. In 2004, ISEO took over a factory for lock security in Gera, Germany, and started the production of security cylinders and special systems.

"Since 2014, we officially belong to ISEO," adds Carlos Rocholl, who is not only responsible for the management of ISEO Germany but also for the DACH region, Benelux, Nordics, and Eastern Europe. "The most recent change occurred at the end of 2019 when Roberto Gaspari was appointed CEO and steered the company towards modern goals with an increased international focus."

ISEO Germany Carlos Rocholl and Tim Hörugel
Managing Director Carlos Rocholl, actively supported by Plant Manager Tim Hörugel

Facing Challenges

ISEO Germany is facing the challenges of a dynamic market, where electronic access controls and locking systems play a central role. The company's strengths lie in continuous research, state-of-the-art access systems, and a wide range of solutions tailored to the diverse needs of different markets.

"We offer cutting-edge access systems," confirms the managing director. "This includes an increasing number of electronic solutions and many options and variations tailored to the respective markets. With our various locations, we provide local presence." ISEO comprises about 1,200 employees, of which 140 are based in Germany alone. ISEO Germany generates 60% of its sales in the DACH region, 25% in Eastern Europe, and 15% in the Benelux countries and Scandinavia.

Products and Solutions

ISEO Germany positions itself as a provider of connected solutions that include not only hardware but also software and cloud services. In particular, electronic access controls, locking cylinders, and door fittings are among the bestsellers. "The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a digital game boost," says Carlos Rocholl. "The importance of online platforms, ERP systems, and modern production has become particularly clear."

With an export quota of 80%, ISEO focuses on the markets in Europe, America, Latin America, and the Middle East. In the NCEE region, there are two locations, Gera in Germany and Arad in Romania. The company's products are used in a variety of areas, from residential and commercial buildings to critical infrastructure.

Philosophy and Outlook

The philosophy of ISEO Germany is characterized by international cooperation and integrity. "Our vision is to make ISEO the fastest-growing company in the security industry," emphasizes the managing director. "Digitalization, automation, and efficiency play a central role in this. We aim to establish ourselves as a leading provider of access control systems and to evolve from mechanical to connected products. The next step will be the integration of artificial intelligence in the service area."

ISEO Germany GmbH relies on the harmonious combination of tradition and innovation, of mechanics and electronics. With a clear commitment to values such as experience, passion, trust, courage, carefulness, and integrity, ISEO continues to strive for top solutions in the field of security and access control.