LTS Lighting

"We Love to Shine!"

For nearly 40 years, LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH has been known for its innovative and energy-efficient lighting solutions, which are used in the retail, hospitality,...

Interview with Sofie Dahlberg, Managing Director of LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH

Ascom Deutschland Myco 4

Advancing people with the right information

In critical areas, whether in healthcare or industry, mistakes can have fatal consequences. Ascom Deutschland GmbH, based in Frankfurt am Main, and Ascom Solutions...

Interview with Guido Gloy, CEO of Ascom Deutschland GmbH and Ascom Solutions AG

Bernd Kagerer, President Business Unit Entrance Automation CEDES AG

Becoming a World Market Leader with Sensor Technology

The company started with elevator sensors. Over time, the expertise from the elevator sector was transferred to more and more other sectors, from escalators to pedestrian...

Interview with Bernd Kagerer, President Business Unit Entrance Automation of CEDES AG

CTEK Smart Chargers portable charger CS Free

Two Cultures, One Spirit

The mobility revolution is in full swing. High fuel prices and increased environmental awareness are driving demand for alternative vehicle drives. CTEK Smart Chargers...

Interview with Christian Fritz, Managing Director of CTEK Smart Chargers GmbH

Torsten Wegner, Managing Director of Novotechnik Sensor Engineering OHG

Precise Measurements at Every Angle

As a medium-sized family-owned traditional company, Novotechnik Sensor Engineering OHG, located in Ostfildern in the Stuttgart area, holds its own against strong...

Interview with Torsten Wegner, Managing Director of Novotechnik Sensor Engineering OHG

Eolane SysCom Team Picture

Satisfied Customers as the Measure of All Things

The lack of electronic components has led to serious problems in the electronics industry during the Corona crisis. For example, the chip industry was affected –...

Interview with Michael Wilding, Managing Director of Eolane SysCom GmbH

geba Handels- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft View into the Production

Opening Doors and Gates to Progress

Self-opening and closing doors and gates are not a luxury but essential in many areas - as shown not only by the coronavirus situation, which suddenly made the contactless...

Interview with Moritz Baumgart, Production Manager, Annika Baumgart, Marketing and Organization, and Claus Baumgart, Senior Manager of geba Handels- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

STEINEL Solutions sanitary application

"We are very grounded in our region!"

From a pure contract manufacturer to a provider of complete system solutions: This is the story of the Swiss company STEINEL Solutions AG. The company, belonging...

Interview with Marco Lang, CEO of STEINEL Solutions AG

Timo Krause, CEO of truu GmbH

The Perfect Drop of Water

Water is a scarce resource, yet extremely important for our health. However, the quality of the water we drink is essential. truu GmbH from Pforzheim has introduced...

Interview with Timo Krause, CEO of truu GmbH

Alexander Kuhn, General Manager of Brother Sewing Machines Europe GmbH

Creativity as the Common Thread

Sewing is in. And has a long tradition. In 1790, the first wood-based sewing machine operated by a hand crank was patented. Today, sewing machines are true high-tech...

Interview with Alexander Kuhn, General Manager of Brother Sewing Machines Europe GmbH

Wahl beard and hair clippers

The best choice for hair professionals

The ongoing popularity of fade, undercut, and modern pompadour hairstyles, as well as the classic buzzcut for men, has continually made electric hair clippers the...

Interview with Gökhan Yilmaz, General Manager & President of EMEA and Jörg Burger, General Manager & EMEA CFO

ISEO Germany Libra with 1NCA Cable Free Smart Finger

Freedom through Security: “Unlock your freedom to move”

With a clear focus on innovation and internationality, ISEO Germany GmbH has developed into a significant player in the field of security and access control. Managing...

Interview with Carlos Rocholl, Managing Director of ISEO Germany GmbH

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