Passion for Timber Construction and Craftsmanship

Interview with Ernst Kühni, CEO of Kühni AG

Kühni Head Office in Ramsei

The courage of an individual has paved the way for remarkable success: Since its foundation under the leadership of Ernst Kühni, Kühni AG, with its headquarters in Ramsei, has become synonymous with the highest quality and progress. We take a look at the innovative power, the various activities, and the promising future of the Swiss pioneer in terms of timber construction and craftsmanship. Kühni is well-equipped to continue its pioneering work and to consolidate its leading position.

The foundations for the success of Kühni AG were laid when Ernst Kühni, the youngest of three brothers, learned the carpentry trade. At the age of 19, he started his own company in a former chicken coop.

Soon, he was able to hire his first employee. In 1989, his brother joined the team, marking the official founding of Zimmerei Kühni AG. With a new operation and a steadily growing staff, the company increasingly established itself in the industry.

Ernst Kühni, CEO of Kühni AG
Ernst Kühni, CEO of Kühni AG

In 2000, Kühni acquired the location in Ramsei, and in 2012, a room in Muri was added for the parquet exhibition, which now also serves as an external service location. "We have always been ready to offer new things and to expand our range," emphasizes CEO Ernst Kühni. "Just in the parquet sector, we now employ 35 staff members. With the establishment of a general contracting company, we also took over the planning for remodeling projects and the construction of single-family and multi-family homes. Our wood competence center not only offers a first-class exhibition but also has its own training room used for the further education and training of employees and customers.

Open to New Possibilities

The particular strength of Kühni AG lies in facing the market's challenges with openness and great commitment. "In the early days, the competition may have smiled, but we were quickly seen as a serious player," the CEO is convinced. "We have consistently pioneered. For example, I was interested in modular construction early on and deployed new technologies. We were the first to have a stair machine and a carpentry center in our region."

Kühni Multi-family Houses
The construction of two multi-family houses is just one example that emphasizes the company's competence in the project area, supported by the long-standing experience of experts

A Broad Portfolio

Kühni's expertise spans various areas, including project planning, craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Notably, the carbon-neutral construction method using wood, which, according to Ernst Kühni, appeals especially to people between 30 and 60 years old. The carpentry division offers a wide range of carpentry work, from traditional executions to modern modular construction. In the joinery, high-quality doors and stairs are produced, while the flooring department focuses almost exclusively on wooden parquet.

Successful Projects

The experts at Kühni AG have many years of experience and offer comprehensive consulting and planning services in the context of projects. Customer support does not end with the project's completion but continues steadily. Ernst Kühni proudly points to major projects such as the construction of two multi-family houses in pure wooden construction. Six single-family homes in Lüztelflüh as well as the execution of all parquet work in the Swiss Parliament building are other success stories.

Innovation as a Constant Challenge

"For us, developing new solutions is a constant challenge, both in manufacturing techniques and in production processes and product development," says the CEO. "This leads to remarkable flexibility and quality of results at amazingly low costs."

An outstanding example of Kühni AG's innovation power is the K8 solid®, a modern interpretation of classic solid-glue parquet, produced in an environmentally friendly manner. The company's target market is currently exclusively in Switzerland, where it stands out with its quality and innovation power. Kühni's philosophy and strategy are based on passion, openness to new ideas, and strong values.

Continuity Assured

The future looks promising, not least because the next generation is already active in the company. The company's structure with extremely flat hierarchies promotes open communication and enables smooth collaboration at all levels. "We do a lot to ensure continuity and maintain our values," emphasizes Ernst Kühni. "Also in view of the shortage of skilled workers, we have faced the challenge early on, among other things, by introducing training programs. Currently, more than 30 apprentices are being trained in five different professions, over 60% of our employees have completed their training and further education with our company."

With around 170 employees, many of whom were trained in-house, Kühni AG has become a significant employer in the region. The responsibility as an employer is taken seriously, reflecting the emphasis on social skills, further education, and safety training.


The company promotes a family-like work atmosphere and strong team spirit, strengthening the cohesion and commitment of the employees. The combination of highly qualified professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, and a clear entrepreneurial vision makes Kühni AG synonymous with Swiss quality and craftsmanship – also in the future.