Precision Manufacturing for the Industry

Interview with Felix Öschger, Managing Director of Öschger GmbH

Öschger GmbH Company Building
Öschger GmbH is based in Emmendingen

The production of components and parts for medical technology and mechanical engineering represents an essential pillar of modern industry. In this highly specialized field, it's not just about the manufacturing of parts, but rather about the precision, quality, and reliability that are crucial for the success and safety of products in these sectors. Öschger GmbH from Emmendingen manufactures components and parts that meet the highest standards.

From implants and medical devices to machinery and equipment – the requirements for manufacturing components and parts are diverse and demand advanced technologies, highly skilled professionals, and strict quality controls. In line with the guiding principle 'Precision beyond limits', Öschger GmbH also meets the most demanding needs of its customers. "We start where others reach the limits of their competence," says Felix Öschger, second-generation managing director. "Together with our customers, we work on the most efficient solution and convince with our complete package of quality, delivery reliability, honest interaction, and reliability."

Felix Öschger, Managing Director of Öschger GmbH
Felix Öschger, Managing Director of Öschger GmbH

High Manufacturing Depth

Öschger GmbH, founded in 1990, is a renowned company in the metalworking industry. For over three decades, the company has specialized in the manufacture of high-precision parts and components for medical technology and mechanical engineering. With a high manufacturing depth and diverse machining steps on CNC-controlled machine tools, Öschger offers optimal processing of even the most demanding materials.

Despite the current challenges in the market, such as high price pressure and a certain neglect of values such as trust and partnership with customers, Öschger GmbH has experienced continuous growth. The company owes this to its overall package of quality, delivery reliability, and sincere dealings with customers and partners over decades. A particular strength of Öschger GmbH lies in the certification according to ISO 13485, a medical standard that guarantees the highest quality standards.

One-Stop Solution

With 60 employees, Öschger offers a wide range of products and services in precision turning and milling technology, including turning, milling, grinding, and assembly. "As a contract manufacturer, we strive to offer a one-stop solution," remarks Felix Öschger. "Services that we do not have in-house, such as surface coating, are realized through reliable partners. We also manufacture our own powered tools, which makes us significantly more flexible than our competitors." The company Oesterle + Partner GbR, also led by Felix Öschger, distributes these powered tools worldwide.

Digitalization is another important aspect, and Öschger actively works with digital measuring islands. The guiding principle 'Precision beyond limits' reflects the corporate culture based on sincere and performance-appropriate dealings. Öschger is committed to providing customized solutions that meet the highest quality standards and ensure long-term customer satisfaction. For the future, Öschger aims for diversification in terms of customers, manufacturing processes, and industries to be less dependent. In particular, aerospace is to be tapped as a potential target group, while the external presence of the company is to be increased to strengthen the market presence.