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Interview with Fabian Pernpointner, Managing Director of SPAGL GmbH

Spagl GmbH Factory Sale
Spagl GmbH Factory Sale

A picture is only truly showcased when it is framed. This is exactly the topic dedicated to by a company from Bavaria: SPAGL GmbH. The fourth-generation family business is unique in Europe, as it possesses complete expertise around slats and frames. It is transforming from an industrial company to a manufactory that offers a wide range of services.

"We offer everything from a single source and have the entire value chain in-house," says managing director Fabian Pernpointner. He took over the management from his mother in 2019. "In the past, we only supplied the strips – kilometers of them – but today we offer service tailored to customer needs." The range of services is increasingly leaning towards finished products for end consumers. From a simple standard frame, which only needs a picture inserted, to custom-made solutions.

Spagl GmbH Hand Gilding
Hand gilding is also still done at SPAGL
Spagl GmbH Gilder Frames
handcrafted gilder frames

Nevertheless, SPAGL can also offer customized solutions, such as moldings made according to customer specifications regarding profile and color. If desired, customers can also buy tailored moldings to create frames themselves, or even ready-made frames, the insides of which they make themselves. "Unfortunately, we are losing skilled workers, especially gilders," says Fabian Pernpointner. "Manual labor remains in demand in the finishing of frames."

Success Despite Pandemic

While the Corona years were difficult for many companies, SPAGL experienced growth. "Many have invested in their own homes," explains Fabian Pernpointner. "We could barely keep up with the demand. Our capacities were almost not enough. Today it's different again: Due to inflation, customers are more cautious." The market for genuine gold frames remains stable, and SPAGL feels comfortable here. "There are enough cheap frames at hardware stores and furniture stores. We offer something more upscale." With an eye on the environment, SPAGL now uses local woods instead of tropical wood and water-soluble varnish for a sustainable and simultaneously high-quality product.

Spagl GmbH Production
Insight into the production
Spagl GmbH Headquarters
Spagl GmbH Headquarters

At Home Around the World

SPAGL is headquartered in Hutthurm, Germany, and has a branch in Volary, Czech Republic. The company has been in operation since 1901. It employs a total of 110 employees – 52% of whom are women. Approximately 90% of its clientele is located in the DACH region and the Benelux countries, but SPAGL also exports to over 30 countries worldwide. "Internet shops and contract furnishers, for example for hotels and restaurants, are our workhorses of the future and offer a lot of potential," reveals the managing director. "However, our products can still be found in specialty retail stores, framers and gilders, and galleries. We have a factory outlet here on site where private consumers can buy directly from us."