Between Tradition and Innovation

Interview with Andreas Becker, Managing Director of Weroform GmbH

Weroform Alexander Becker, Andreas Becker, and Marcel Enslin
Alexander Becker, Andreas Becker, and Marcel Enslin took over the family business in 2019

Plastic profiles play a crucial role in the design and construction of buildings, especially in the area of roofing and cladding. They combine aesthetic design possibilities with excellent technical properties, making them a popular choice for architects, contractors, and homeowners. Weroform GmbH has been supplying the construction industry with high-quality profiles for over 45 years.

As a traditional manufacturer of plastic and metal profiles, Weroform GmbH has made a name for itself in the industry and established itself as a reliable partner. With constant innovations and products made in Germany, the family business not only meets the requirements of existing customers but also has potential for tapping into new industries.

Outstanding Innovations

In 1988, Weroform Profile GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a processor of plastics, natural fiber composites, and metal. Today, the company is an extrusion operation focusing on plastic and metal profiles for roofs and facades.

"A particular strength of ours is our innovative power," emphasizes Andreas Becker, who, along with Alexander Becker and Marcel Enslin, took over the family business in 2019. "We are constantly developing new products. In addition, we manage to continue manufacturing in Germany with sophisticated machine technologies and products. For this, we build many machines for ourselves, according to our needs."

For this strength in development, Weroform was awarded the 'Germany's Innovation Leader' certificate by the F.A.Z. Institute, a subsidiary of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in 2023. The evaluation was based not only on the number of patents but also their relevance. This year alone, the company has developed around ten new products, for example, in the area of insulation and facade insulation. Innovations often arise from specific customer requirements, which then frequently lead to new patents.

For several years now, Andreas Becker, Alexander Becker, and Marcel Enslin represent the next family generation in company leadership. They face the challenge of sustainably positioning Weroform GmbH for the future.

"We immediately adopted a new motto: Good remains. New comes.", says Andreas Becker. "The core has remained, but new products have been added and we have tapped into new industries like the solar industry. We operate in a tension between tradition, experience, and innovation. The fact that we are on the right track was proven by the award as an innovation leader this year. I hope that we can further profile our products. In doing so, we want to sharpen our profile even more and become even more well-known. Moreover, we will gradually modernize our production and invest a lot in new machines and technologies to be able to maintain our production site in Germany."