Future-Oriented Outsourcing in Focus

Interview with Jörg Brinkmann, Managing Director of Adecco Business Solutions GmbH

Adecco Business Solutions Location Szczecin
Leading by positive example: The motto of Adecco Business Solutions has a radiating effect. Visible at the location in Szczecin

In an ever-changing working world, Düsseldorf's Adecco Business Solutions GmbH focuses on future-oriented outsourcing. With a wide range of services, certified security, and a flexible work structure, the company addresses the shortage of skilled workers. Managing Director Jörg Brinkmann knows that innovative HR solutions are becoming increasingly important for companies. Together with his team, he therefore develops smart technologies and helps companies to position themselves for the future labor market.

"Our focus is largely on future technologies and supporting changes in the job market," stresses Jörg Brinkmann. "Companies today face many challenges - we help to implement complex activities and processes that the companies can't, or can no longer, manage on their own, in an efficient manner."

As a former CIO and business graduate with an IT focus, he brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience. His expertise is reflected in the approach of the company, which does not act as a mere service provider, but as a strategic partner helping to address the challenges of a shortage of skilled workers.

Jörg Brinkmann, Managing Director of Adecco Business Solutions GmbH
Jörg Brinkmann, Managing Director of Adecco Business Solutions GmbH

Exemplary Security

A central pillar of the offer from Adecco Business Solutions is the security it provides to its customers. With clear and transparent pricing models and a strong focus on legal compliance, the company guarantees a high level of reliability and quality. Extensively certified, it meets the highest IT security and data protection standards.

"Our goal is to positively influence the working world and to set a good example," says Jörg Brinkmann. "We take on outsourcing, not to be cheaper, but to make processes and projects more efficient and better."

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Wide Range of Solutions

The services of Adecco Business Solutions are divided into three pillars, illustrating the range of solutions offered. In the logistics sector, comprehensive warehouse management is available, allowing companies to focus on their core competencies. In the field of technical services, Adecco Business Solutions has developed particular expertise in the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, thus making a significant contribution to electromobility.

"The service center area is experiencing extreme growth," confirms the managing director. "For energy companies, we take over the complete customer service if required, thus actively supporting the energy transition. In addition, we undertake challenging tasks such as calculating leasing rates or handling complex business transactions."

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Flexible Work Structure

With a company history of over 30 years, Adecco Business Solutions has extensive know-how that is built on a solid foundation. With 3,200 employees, of whom 1,200 work in the service center area, and an annual turnover of 110 million EUR, the company has reached a considerable size and market significance.

The employee structure is diverse and varied. In the service business, for example, 75% of new hires are female, mostly mothers. It is important to offer virtual teams and flexible working hours in the home office, which has already been implemented to 80%. These are examples of how the company responds to changes in the working world and allows its employees new freedoms.

"We now have our own little academy in Gera," adds Jörg Brinkmann. "Our employees are completely virtually trained and then take the examination for the corresponding certificate."

Broadly Based Expertise

Adecco Business Solutions is located at five sites, four of which are in Germany and one in Poland. The two main locations are in Düsseldorf and Berlin. As part of the renowned Adecco Group, a respected Swiss company in the field of personnel services, the company benefits from a global network and widely based expertise.

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In addition to modernly furnished workplaces, the option to switch to home office creates maximum flexibility / © AdobeStock_215835457
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In the service industry, 75% of new hires are female - mostly mothers who particularly value flexibility / © AdobeStock_498918291

Mix with Smart Technologies

"The issue of personnel and virtualization are the biggest challenges that the working world will face in the future," says Jörg Brinkmann. "I see technology as a solution, even though machines cannot replace humans."

By investing in open AI topics, the managing director commits to a technology-enriched business model: "We are a people's business and at our core, it's always about people. But we always combine smart technologies where it makes sense for everyone."

In a time when the shortage of skilled workers and the necessity of digitalization present great challenges to companies, Adecco Business Solutions takes a leading role. At the same time, the close cooperation with clients and the ability to respond to their individual requirements make the company a reliable and forward-looking partner on the path of transformation.