"With sweets, we make people happy!"

Interview with Jamila Knoope, Marketing Manager of Confiserie Napoleon BV

Confiserie Napoleon Lollipops
Colorful mix: The lollipops from Confiserie Napoleon

For centuries, people have sweetened their everyday lives with small treats. With a varied assortment, Confiserie Napoleon contributes to this. The more than 110-year-old Dutch company based in Breskens produces, among other things, toffees, lollies, and filled candies as well as throat lozenges with high craftsmanship quality.

"We think from the consumer's perspective," describes Jamila Knoope, Marketing Manager at Confiserie Napoleon, the secret of success. "In addition, of course, is the high quality of our products, for which we use only natural ingredients. Moreover, our products are vegan, gluten-free, as well as kosher and Halal-certified." In 1912, confectioner Louis Janssens founded the brand in Antwerp, which continues to delight both young and old to this day. With several product segments, the company covers a wide range of target groups.

Looking towards Germany

Filled, round candies in various flavors, such as lemon, red fruit mix, and watermelon, are distributed under the Napoleon label. The brand Anta offers throat lozenges in the variants Eucalyptus Menthol, Mint Menthol, and Classic, Dr. Tom's throat pastilles for sale outside the Benelux countries in Eucalyptus Menthol, Mint Menthol, and Lemon & Herbs. Sweet and salty licorice as well as fruit flavors characterize the Lemco Lollies, while Roomboter Babbelaars and Hopjes are traditional Dutch sweets.

Confiserie Napoleon Dr. Tom's Throat Lozenges
Soothing for the throat: Dr. Tom's Throat Lozenges
Confiserie Napoleon Filled Candies
Delicious taste: filled candies in eco-friendly wrapping paper

The range is rounded off by the Butterscotch Mocha, Coffee, Vanilla, and Original flavors, which are particularly popular in the Middle East, the soft Caramel Candies in the same flavors, and the Energy Candies Caffeine + Taurine. About 15% of the production is for Private Label.

"The Benelux countries are our most important markets, but we also want to continue to grow in Germany," says Jamila Knoope. "Otherwise, we are also present in Scandinavia, United Kingdom, France, and the Middle East. Our most important customers are the retailers. We also distribute our products through wholesalers and distributors."

With innovations and new brands, Confiserie Napoleon aims to increase its current export quota of 20% in the coming years. However, the Benelux region remains the base. For Jamila Knoope, her profession is the fulfillment of a dream: "Sweets are beautiful products. With them, we make people happy."