Modular Efficiency from Shell Construction to High-Rise Construction

Interview with Hauke Lattmann, Managing Director of HABAU Deutschland GmbH

HABAU Deutschland GmbH Airport
One of many reference projects: the turnkey cargo hall at the Cologne-Bonn Airport for handling air freight in land/air side operations / © VISTRAL

Since its founding, HABAU Deutschland, based in Heringen, has established itself as a leading player in the German construction industry. Its history is characterized by innovation, quality, and a strong commitment to sustainability. In conversation with Dipl.-Ing. Hauke Lattmann, managing director, we learn more about a company that continuously redefines the boundaries of what is possible, focusing on long-term partnerships and top-tier solutions in industrial, logistics, and residential construction.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Lattmann, you started your career at HABAU Germany as a project manager 17 years ago, today you are the managing director. You have not only grown through various positions within the company, you have also accompanied its development.

Hauke Lattmann: The history of HABAU began in 1905 with the founding of Betonwerk Heringen. The company consistently evolved and in 2020, the merger of HABAU Hoch- und Tiefbau with Universalbeton led to the current HABAU Germany. This was a significant step that has enabled us to further strengthen our position in the German construction industry.

Wirtschaftsforum: HABAU Germany is part of the Austria-based HABAU GROUP, which stands for long-standing expertise and quality. What is characteristic for your company?

HABAU Deutschland GmbH Managing Director, Hauke Lattmann
Hauke Lattmann, Managing Director of HABAU Deutschland GmbH

Hauke Lattmann: With our broad range of services, which extends from shell construction to turnkey building construction, we offer our customers tailor-made solutions from a single source. We are particularly proud of our precast production, which is among the most efficient in Germany. We are increasingly focusing on modular construction and benefits such as cost-effectiveness and rapid construction progress with the highest quality. At the same time, our modular construction system enables the most diverse building configurations to optimally meet our customers' needs.

Wirtschaftsforum: Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the construction industry. How does HABAU Germany address this issue?

Hauke Lattmann: Sustainability is a central component of our corporate culture. We rely on prefabricated parts, recycle broken concrete pieces, and use innovative building materials to minimize our environmental impact. We are actively committed to sustainability and are a member of the DGNB. Our buildings not only meet the highest standards but in some cases even exceed them.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Lattmann, can you give us a brief insight into who your customers are and which references are of particular importance to you?

HABAU Deutschland GmbH House
The expansion of SchuleEins in Berlin-Pankow was a special project of Habau Deutschland GmbH true to their motto 'We build today for tomorrow' / © Markus Löffelhardt

Hauke Lattmann: We serve a wide range of clients, including companies from the logistics and manufacturing industries as well as public facilities such as airports and stadiums. Our numerous reference projects include the construction of logistics halls, airports, residential complexes, and industrial buildings. For a multi-million project for DHL at the Leipzig air freight hub, for example, a short lead and construction time was particularly important, where we were able to achieve a rapid and efficient completion of construction. Construction time also plays a role in a project in Dresden-Nickern. Here, a shopping center is being built, in which we support the Krieger Group and take over two construction phases within the shortest possible time, each in six and five months, respectively. We are currently working on a project in Berlin-Neukölln. Here, not only commercial uses are being created, but also almost 230 new apartments, a quarter of which are price-restricted. For the first time here, we are using prefabricated parts that are produced in coordination with heritage conservation authorities, colored and structured. Another project is the expansion of the SchuleEins in Berlin-Pankow. True to our motto 'We build today for tomorrow', 16 specialist rooms for various areas were created here in a new building. In addition to an auditorium and a cafeteria, a sports hall with 630 m2 was also built. To name just a few projects that are close to our heart.

HABAU Deutschland GmbH Logistics
The customers of HABAU come from the most diverse areas. For the automotive supplier Schaeffler, HABAU built the Europe Logistics Center near Halle with © DNA photographers

Wirtschaftsforum: Can you tell us a bit about the figures for HABAU Germany?

Hauke Lattmann: Of course. HABAU Germany currently employs about 300 staff members, the HABAU GROUP as a whole about 6,500 employees with a construction performance of 1.92 billion EUR. Currently, we oversee 22 research projects with seven partner universities and are the fifth-largest manufacturer of structural precast elements in Germany.

Wirtschaftsforum: What goals and visions does HABAU Germany pursue for the future?

Hauke Lattmann: Our goal is to expand our position as a leading company in the German construction industry and to continue to be known as a reliable partner in the market. We rely on innovation, quality, and sustainability to offer our customers the best solutions and to make a positive contribution to society.