"Metal can be recycled up to 100%!"

Interview with Jos Menten Jr. and Marc Tummers, Traders of Jos Menten Metaalrecycling B.V.

Jos Menten Metaalrecycling Company Sign

Metal is a valuable raw material. After its first use, it can be easily separated from other materials and is therefore often recyclable up to 100%. With decades of experience and thus a lot of professional know-how, the Dutch company Jos Menten Metaalrecycling B.V. has a lot to offer. Moreover, the company from Roermond is appreciated by its customers for its reliability.

"Due to our flexibility and good service, customers trust us," knows Marc Tummers, Trader at Jos Menten Metaalrecycling B.V. "An arrangement with the customer is binding for us. Another strength of ours is the highly trained employees who contribute significantly to the company's good image. Moreover, we respond quickly. If production companies, where we have placed a container, send us an email by 12 PM, we empty the container the next day. Customers receive precise weighing protocols from us, and we pay very quickly."

Placing and collecting the containers is one of several services provided by Jos Menten. If the content is not homogeneous, the different metals are separated and, if necessary, shredded with shears. Typically, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated. "We are very competent in this field," Jos Menten Jr. clarifies.

Jos Menten Metal Recycling Loading a ship
Loading the ship from the quay
Jos Menten Metal Recycling Metal Processing
Processing: The metal is sorted before further processing

Location at the Port

In addition to picking up and further processing of metals, Jos Menten's portfolio includes other activities. Thus, the family business also acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, who benefit from the careful separation of metals.

Other services include demolition work, storage of and trading in metals, as well as handling of ships to and from ships, since the company is also located directly at the inland port in Roermond. Here, cargoes of up to 2,000 t can be handled. Buyers of the metals are blast furnaces, smelters, and foundries worldwide. The raw materials are picked up within a radius of 200 to 300 km around the company's headquarters in Roermond. Thus, Jos Menten serves not only customers in the Netherlands and Belgium but also those in the Ruhr area and from the Cologne/Aachen region.

Founded by the Great-Grandfather

"My great-grandfather founded the company in 1937 and was then trading in rags and metals," says Jos Menten Jr. "Since 1962, we have been located at our site in Haelen, in 1980 my parents Jos and Desiree took over the company, and in 2006 we acquired our branch in the port of Roermond. This is also where our steel trade is situated."

The company, certified by the Dutch Association of Metal Recycling Companies (MRF), is also certified according to ISO 9001, CSR, and WEEELABEX, and currently employs about 30 people. Shareholders are the parents of Jos Menten Jr. and now the 4th generation, he himself and his sister Kim, who also works in the company. Jos Menten has many regular customers who often recommend the company to others. Additionally, the company draws attention to itself through its internet presence and trade fair visits.

Become Even Better

All processes are digitally planned and controlled. And the very current topic of sustainability is ingrained in the company's DNA. Jos Menten Jr.: "Metal can be recycled up to 100%. Environmentally friendly is also the option to transport the metals by ship. After all, a ship replaces up to 100 truck loads."

Another ecological component is the approximately 2,700 solar panels on the company premises, which generate energy. Flat hierarchies, respectful interaction with each other, and a rapid exchange of information characterize the climate in the company. "Here, employees are not just a number," knows Marc Tummers. Consolidating what has been achieved and expanding it stands on the agenda for the coming years. "We are a great company, but we want to become even better and professionalize even more," says the trader of further goals for the future.