"For You From Here!"

Interview with Mike Hennig, Managing Director of Teigwaren Riesa GmbH

Mike Hennig, Managing Director of Teigwaren Riesa GmbH
Mike Hennig, Managing Director of Teigwaren Riesa GmbH

Whether Schneckli, Drelli, or Hörnchen, whether durum wheat or spelt, whether organic or whole grain: The product variety of Teigwaren Riesa seems to know no bounds. And those who want to know how all these pasta delicacies are made can take a close look at the processes in the glass production of the pasta center in the Saxon town. Of course, a delicious pasta dish is also part of the program of one of Germany's largest and most traditional pasta producers, known for many years for the highest quality and an innovative range.

“We set standards, and it is the diversity of our pasta as well as the highest quality that convinces our customers,” says Mike Hennig, who has been the managing director of Teigwaren Riesa GmbH for four years. “Therefore, it is only logical that the trade chooses us as the strongest partner in the region.”

25,000 tons of pasta leave the factory in Riesa every year, and the managing director is thinking about further growth: “We want to continue to grow as a regional pasta company, optimize our production, and also continue to invest so we can expand our capacities.”

More than 100 Variants

The range includes more than 100 shapes, encompassing different variations of durum wheat, egg, and organic durum wheat pasta, as well as spelt and wholegrain pasta and special flavour pastas like garlic-parsley and tomato-chilli horns, spinach ribbons, ginger tubes, and 7-herb pasta.

Teigwaren Riesa Standard Pasta
Standard and special shapes: In addition to macaroni and ribbon noodles, there are also dinosaurs and pets
Teigwaren Riesa Durum Wheat Pasta
From the best organic semolina: Organic durum wheat pasta in various varieties
Teigwaren Riesa Egg Noodles
Live up to their name: The egg noodles contain up to eight eggs per kilogram

With corresponding pesto and sauces, Teigwaren Riesa presents itself to the trade as a reliable complete supplier. "For the sauces, the consumer can choose between the variants cheese with herbs, Aglio Olio, mushroom with cream, tomato with vegetables, with curry, or with orange-pepper and Carbonara with ham," explains Mike Hennig. "For the pesto, we offer the variants basil, tomato-arugula, and tuna."

Founded in 1914

As a pasta location, Riesa has a long tradition. The factory was founded in 1914 by the Großeinkaufs-Gesellschaft Deutscher Consumvereine. By 1928, the annual production was already at 8,000 tons. After the end of the 2nd World War until its closure by the Treuhand in 1991, the company was a monopolist in the former GDR. In 1992, the Freidler family took over the operation and invested heavily in modernizing the factory.

Teigwaren Riesa Pasta Sauces
The crowning touch for every pasta dish: delicious sauces

A major milestone was the commissioning of the Pasta Center in 1998, which quickly established itself as a tourist attraction and is visited by up to 200,000 guests annually. Last year, the Freidler family sold 80% of their shares to an Irish investor but continues to hold the remaining 20%. In 2023, a new production facility was also commissioned, with capacities allowing for an annual production of up to 50,000 tons. "With 150 employees, we generate a turnover of 35 million EUR, which we aim to increase to around 50 million EUR in the coming years," Mike Hennig describes the ambitious plans.

Wide Customer Base

The pasta is sold not only to large retail chains but also to restaurateurs, large kitchens, and caterers, as well as industrial partners who produce items such as pasta salad. Another market is private labels, which are served throughout Europe. Distribution in Germany is direct and via wholesalers, and end consumers can order through the webshop.

"Key account managers look after our major customers, our field staff take care of the area," explains the managing director. The trade is supported by special actions and materials for the point of sale. The company is digitally very well positioned, both in internal processes, in production, and in contact with customers. And in terms of sustainability, the company really puts in a lot of effort. Mike Hennig: "Our roofs are equipped with solar panels, we have invested in more efficient compressors, and we redirect the hot steam generated in our own power plant back into the cycle later. In addition, all raw materials for the pasta come from the region."

Furthermore, as the managing director outlines, Teigwaren Risa is a nice company with great employees. "Human aspects come first for us and our employees are very proud of our products." This pride is also reflected in the company slogan "For You, From Here." Besides growth and expansion of production, further innovations are a priority for Mike Hennig. With this, the company aims to further strengthen its position as the largest regional provider and market leader in eastern Germany.