Luminous Results in Auto Repair

Interview with Michael Siegel, Operations Manager of Brillant GmbH

Brillant Workshop
Brillant shines with competent mechanics and painters for radiant results in auto repair – especially after an accident

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, yet certain aspects remain constant. Despite the shift towards e-mobility, there are still accident damages and repairs. Brillant GmbH in Cologne is a shining example of an auto service that keeps up with the times – a smart choice, no matter what the car needs. The specialized company is among the leading workshops in the region.

Brillant originated in 1963 and got its name from the processing of varnishes. Over the decades, more and more services were added. Today, Brillant offers repairs of all kinds for all brands, is an electrical specialist company, has been approved as a Tesla Bodyshop, and prepares vehicles.

"However, the biggest challenge is the demands of the clientele," says operations manager Michael Siegel. He has been with Brillant for 26 years. "Expectations have grown. It's about reliability, punctuality, communication, and also free loan cars - all services that we offer." Initially, Brillant painted for private customers and car dealerships; now, customers are increasingly coming from insurance companies and leasing firms.

Continuous Growth

Michael Siegel, Plant Manager of Brillant GmbH
Michael Siegel, Plant Manager of Brillant GmbH

With the expansion of the offerings came also the spatial enlargement. In 1980, a new building was constructed at the current location and Brillant thus became the largest independent workshop in Cologne. Since then, more space has been gained with buildings for mechanics and its own paint shop.

Brilliant was also one of the first IDENTICA operations in Germany with a standard for workshops regarding management, structure, and tools. "IDENTICA is a hallmark of quality from the paint brand Spies Hecker," explains Michael Siegel. "We are constantly evaluated and always pay attention to our service."

Bright Future

Brilliant not only lives in the moment but also with an eye on the future. It has heavily invested in e-mobility, as wall boxes and charging stations are already a topic today. "We also focus on sustainability in repair and maintenance before we renew," reveals Michael Siegel. More and more accident vehicles are electric and now make up about 20% of repairs.

For years, the operation has also relied on environmentally friendly water-based paints. "But there are always ways to improve the quality, for example in the acceptance and interim acceptance. Here we need to intensify customer contact." Growth remains a constant companion for Brilliant. "We are always focused on growth," says the operations manager. The apprentices of yesterday are today's executives, securing the operation's know-how. "Good mechanics and painters are hard to find," says Michael Siegel. "We want to take our employees with us and increase revenue together."