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Interview with Andrea Radlbeck, Head of Corporate Communications at Dr. Robert Eckert Schulen AG

Andrea Radlbeck, Head of Corporate Communications Dr. Robert Eckert Schulen AG
Andrea Radlbeck, Head of Corporate Communications Dr. Robert Eckert Schulen AG

The demand for skilled workers is high. The Baby Boomers are gradually retiring, while significantly fewer young people are entering the workforce. Moreover, structural changes, digitalization, and ecological transformation are shifting the demanded competencies. Education plays a key role in mastering these challenges. Dr. Robert Eckert Schulen AG in Regenstauf takes on this challenge as committedly as successfully.

Dr. Robert Eckert Schools Corporate Headquarters
The 27-hectare campus in Regenstauf is a career center with comprehensive services

From Vision to Industry Leader

Today, the name 'Eckert Schulen' is an umbrella brand under which eleven companies are managed, a group of companies primarily active in the education sector, which also includes substantial real estate assets and various service companies. "The schools are a major part, they are how we represent ourselves externally," says Andrea Radlbeck, "but we are a privately-owned, family-run corporation and a hidden champion, meaning a medium-sized business that is rather underestimated by the public."

Career Campus and Door Opener

With Alexander Eckert von Waldenfels, the company's leadership today is in its 3rd generation. He has made it his mission to expand the company and establish regional educational centers. Today, in addition to more than 40 branches across Germany and in Regenstauf near Regensburg, there is a 27-hectare campus – a career center with comprehensive services. "The site resembles a small city district where everything is centralized," says Andrea Radlbeck. "We have 3,500 people here every day, there are 1,400 apartments, schools, dormitories, health centers, sports, leisure and shopping facilities. With our offerings, we have consistently adapted to the market and try to meet the individual desires of our customers.

Meaningful and Promising Success

This 360-degree concept represents education for everyone and forms an important characteristic of Eckert Schulen. In the B2C sector, it's about further education to achieve better salaries or more responsibility in one's career. A completed vocational training is required. "For example, we train business economists, technicians, or industrial foremen," explains Andrea Radlbeck. "The qualifications are equivalent to a Bachelor Professional."


The further education takes place full-time on-site or part-time. "The participants are often involved in projects that we develop with companies," says Andrea Radlbeck. Excellent contacts with companies are advantageous for the students and distinguish the company from the market. "We organize many exciting events, job fairs, and upskilling projects, including with BMW and Tesla," explains Andrea Radlbeck. "Many companies approach us because they are looking for skilled workers. Our certificates are highly regarded in the industry."

Offering people new perspectives and improving the chances of a better professional future is a reason why Andrea Radlbeck values her own work so highly. "It is a meaningful activity that motivates anew each day," she says. "Together we search for the best possible solutions. We are confident that we can further develop student numbers and therefore the skilled workers. Always with the goal of actively shaping the future of people, in line with our claim: We educate the future!"