We are the Transparent Ones!

Interview with Bettina Voß, Marketing Manager of Gläserne Molkerei GmbH

Gläserne Molkerei Product Overview
Organic product selection of Gläserne Molkerei with new campaign design

Out of conviction 100% organic and absolute transparency along the entire value chain - that is the promise that Gläserne Molkerei fulfills daily for its customers and also towards itself. With its campaign for biodiversity, 'The Meadow Lives', the company now wants to protect and strengthen the biodiversity in the regional meadows, pastures, and fields.

"We are a genuine organic dairy and accordingly, the cooperation between humans and nature is very important to us," says marketing director Bettina Voß. "Our mission is to ensure transparency in terms of the value chain, from the grass over the fields and water to the finished product."

The meadow lives

"Together with local farmers, we have launched the campaign for biodiversity 'The meadow lives' to raise awareness of biodiversity on our local fields and meadows," she continues. "We want to win even more agricultural enterprises for the campaign and also find trade partners."

Bettina Voß, Marketing Director of Gläserne Molkerei GmbH
Bettina Voß, Marketing Director of Gläserne Molkerei GmbH

The origins of the Gläserne Molkerei date back to the year 2001, when organic milk producers in the region came together. 100% organic was the philosophy of the company then and it still is now. Today, the Gläserne Molkerei offers an extensive organic product portfolio. Pasture milk and hay milk are an important pillar of the company, as are butter and yogurt.

"Our barrel butter is very popular," says Bettina Voß. "It is buttered barrel by barrel. There are no continuous batches. It is not packed in conventional wax-laminated aluminum foil, but wrapped in parchment paper. Also, our organic cheese, which is made in a copper kettle, and our PUR yogurt, which consists of only three ingredients, are very successful in the market."

Living and loving organic

Beyond the biodiversity campaign, the Gläserne Molkerei wants to strengthen its brand presence in the market in the coming period, communicate its concept of 'Gläserne' more strongly, and expand the top products in its assortment. "In the long term, it is our goal to be among the top two brands," says Bettina Voß. "We live and love organic and we want to convince people of this."