The Partner for a Connected Future

Interview with Pierre-Pascal Urbon, CEO and CFO of KOMSA AG and Harald Josef Ollinger Vice President Marketing/Retail & Solutions of KOMSA AG

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Mobile, fixed-line, cloud, or IoT - with its Cardware portfolio, KOMSA AG enables real, long-term connections to customers / © AdobeStock/tippapatt

In an increasingly connected world, digital infrastructure is the backbone that holds our societies, economies, and institutions together. The distribution of telecommunications and IT products has evolved over the years into a critical element in the global technology landscape. From the first mobile telephony to cutting-edge cloud infrastructure, distribution is the key that creates the connection between industry partners and end-users, enabling the smooth flow of innovations. KOMSA AG has been synonymous with progress and excellent service as a Value-Added Distributor in the world of tomorrow's technology for over three decades. As such, KOMSA AG is both an enabler and a bridge builder, combining the best of both worlds - on the one hand, cutting-edge technologies that orchestrate mobile work, AI, and cloud business; on the other hand, a comprehensive reseller landscape with a high level of expertise and experience.

KOMSA AG is the largest private sales, marketing, and service partner in Europe. "At KOMSA, we see ourselves not just as distributors of technology, but as architects of the digital future," says Pierre-Pascal Urbon, CEO and CFO. "Our strategy is based on linking telecommunications and IT, thereby creating the technical infrastructure that companies need to be successful. Our dedicated team of over 1,000 employees shares a common passion for technology and service, making us an unbeatable partner for our customers."

Vision and Pioneering Achievements

In 1991, just a few months after the reunification of Germany, founder Gunnar Grosse decided to lay the foundation for the company in Hartmannsdorf amid the upheaval in East Germany, thus bringing mobile telephony to Germany. "We became the market leader in the field of telecommunications distribution
and services.

Pierre-Pascal Urbon, CEO and CFO of KOMSA AG
Pierre-Pascal Urbon, CEO and CFO of KOMSA AG
Harald Josef Ollinger, Vice President Marketing/Retail & Solutions of KOMSA AG
Harald Josef Ollinger, Vice President Marketing/Retail & Solutions of KOMSA AG

The second important milestone is the merger with the British Westcoast Group, which is a leader in IT distribution. We anticipated the trend of the increasing convergence of telecommunications and IT, which allowed us to expand our competencies and push forward our internationalization. As part of the Westcoast Group, we are the largest privately held sales and service partner for global ITK brands in Europe.

Mobile, Fixed Network, Cloud & IoT

The product and service range of KOMSA AG includes not only the distribution of leading technology brands in the fields of mobile, fixed network, cloud, and IoT but also comprehensive services. KOMSA works for various retail channels and system houses and has the necessary expertise to integrate the individual components into a complete solution.

Thanks to efficient logistics, the company is also able to handle complex fullfillment and 3PL tasks at the customer's request. The second level support is ensured through digital interfaces and technical expertise. The service portfolio is rounded off by repair and refurbishment services on-site at the KOMSA headquarters in Hartmannsdorf, which extend the usage cycle of corporate devices.

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Device as a Service: renting instead of buying corporate devices / © AdobeStock/Rido

"What distinguishes us is that we have the entire expertise in-house," said the CEO. "The trend towards decentralized and mobile working as well as cloud-based UCC solutions will continue to bring important innovations over the next few years. Manufacturers of PBX systems are increasingly providing their solutions from the cloud. This goes hand in hand with changes in the value chains from the manufacturer through the distributor to the system house. UCC from the cloud, automated license handling, and XaaS with suitable billing systems are of central importance. We are already ready for these changes, have also brought on board personnel expertise in the executive team specifically for the solutions area to develop momentum moving forward."

Another interesting service from KOMSA is the ‘Device as a Service’ offering. Behind this is a smart rental model from KOMSA, which offers companies the possibility to rent their business devices including attractive service offerings. This makes renting a sensible and also resource-efficient alternative to purchasing. After Covid, it has become a matter of course for employers to provide their employees with equipment that allows them to work professionally mobile regardless of location.

KOMSA AG Headquarter
As a tech distributor and specialist for digital infrastructure, the company enables mobile work as well as living in a digital world

However, this also increases the effort required by companies to prepare this equipment according to needs. “The IT departments of companies are faced with time-intensive tasks that overload their staffing levels. “This is exactly where our rental model comes into play: because with us, the DaaS customer not only gets the hardware, but also a worry-free or ready-to-use package on top, which immediately relieves their IT,” describes Dr. Harald Josef Ollinger, Vice President Marketing/Retail & Solutions. “At the same time, new devices that enable the use of AI are coming onto the market faster and faster – meaning they can handle greater computing powers. We see, therefore: great technological innovations on one hand – an IT department that must complete increasingly complex tasks in providing company devices for its own team on the other hand. We solve exactly this conflict by handling these tasks through our rental model for the IT of companies (SMB as well as Enterprises). From an ecological perspective, this is also a benefit. For this reason, this area is also growing very strongly and we already have 650,000 devices in our rental cycle. Currently, we are expanding by addressing strategically important growth markets for us in France, Poland, and England.

KOMSA AG is headquartered in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz in Saxony
KOMSA AG is headquartered in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz in Saxony
KOMSA AG is headquartered in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz in Saxony
For over three decades, KOMSA AG has been synonymous with innovation, progress, and excellent service in the world of technology

Actively shaping change

In distribution, KOMSA AG is strongly focused on expanding the solution business: network technology is driven forward with particular emphasis, just like the marketing of cloud business based on Microsoft solutions. The goal is to accompany customers on their journey into the future and to provide them with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

"At KOMSA, we are facing an exciting chapter in our history," says Pierre-Pascal Urbon. "We are witnessing a digital revolution in which technology becomes an integral part of our everyday lives. Our mission is to actively shape this change and help our customers seize the opportunities of the digital world."