Architecture in a Change of Values

Interview with Martin Görge, Managing Director of Sprinkenhof GmbH

Martin Görge, Managing Director of Sprinkenhof GmbH
Martin Görge, Managing Director of Sprinkenhof GmbH

As an investor and implementing agency for urban construction projects, Sprinkenhof GmbH plays a decisive role in shaping and securing Hamburg's future. Through innovative new construction and renovation projects, the company not only influences the city's architecture but also focuses on sustainable property management. Managing Director Martin Görge describes the services, values, and desires of the company.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Görge, Sprinkenhof GmbH dates back to 1927 and has been owned by the City of Hamburg since 1935. The development over the last eight years has been impressive.

Martin Görge: That's certainly true. We have evolved into the city's central commercial real estate company, with a workforce that has tripled and a construction turnover of 350 million EUR.

Wirtschaftsforum: You have been the managing director of Sprinkenhof for eight years. How do you see your role in this dynamic context?

Martin Görge: I see my role primarily in enabling more than 40 executives to independently handle the operational business. In doing so, we place a clear focus on sustainability, digitalization, and organizational development - values that were anchored in our corporate strategy five years ago.

Sprinkenhof Körberhaus

Wirtschaftsforum: What does sustainability mean for your company?

Martin Görge: For us, sustainability starts with the business model, with products and services that are in demand. Then it's about driving decarbonization forward, starting with the more intensive use of existing stocks, repurposing existing properties, and planning CO2-optimized new buildings. Social aspects are also increasingly important. Our goal is to go above and beyond the standard.

Wirtschaftsforum: Which projects are among your references?

Martin Görge: Our portfolio is broad. It ranges from social projects like youth centers and fire stations to major projects like the Congress Center Hamburg, which was expanded and revitalized in a manner consistent with its historical status. The holistic design concept was nominated for the sustainability award.

Sprinkenhof KörberHaus interior
With the KörberHaus, Sprinkenhof realized a 6,200 sqm municipal cultural and meeting center in 2022
Sprinkenhof Cultural Center Eidelstedt
The Eidelstedt Cultural Center has been optimized in terms of energy, usage, and climate friendliness, and expanded into a district cultural center, a parent school, a library, and a café

Wirtschaftsforum: What do you see as the reasons for Sprinkenhof's success?

Martin Görge: Our success results from the continuous development of construction expertise and the application of knowledge from successful projects. We have created a strong foundation and focus on continuing good work.

Wirtschaftsforum: How do you assess the current situation in the real estate industry?

Martin Görge: The industry is facing challenges such as interest rate developments and rising construction costs. However, we play a compensatory role as a client. Public demand is high and many projects are planned, securing our investments in the long term.

Wirtschaftsforum: What role does digitalization play in your company?

Martin Görge: Digitalization is crucial for productivity improvements. We use digital processes in planning and tendering to ensure efficiency and error-free operation.

Sprinkenhof Congress Center CCH
One of the most modern congress centers in Europe, the revitalized CCH, features up to 50 flexibly usable halls, 12,000 seats, a 12,000 m² foyer, and a total area of 105,000 m²

Wirtschaftsforum: How do you shape the corporate culture at Sprinkenhof?

Martin Görge: The corporate culture is appreciative and open. With our many new employees, we keep the organization moving and promote positive development.

Wirtschaftsforum: What personally motivates you?

Martin Görge: I always give 100%, whether in sports, family, or profession. For me, this attitude has proven itself in competitive sports as well as in the professional world, where remarkable parallels emerge.

Wirtschaftsforum: What vision do you have for the coming years?

Martin Görge: We want to continue to be a reliable partner for area and major projects, drive innovative solutions, and positively influence the development of Hamburg.