Building Bridges with Intersectoral Care

Interview with Jens Bretschneider, Managing Director of tm – to market Consulting GmbH

The management of tm – to market Consulting, from left to right: Matthias Gärtner, Jens Bretschneider and Olaf Müller-Stegemann
The management of tm – to market Consulting, from left to right: Matthias Gärtner, Jens Bretschneider and Olaf Müller-Stegemann

The German healthcare system is at the beginning of a major, comprehensive transformation. Driving forces are digitalization and healthcare reform. They pose particularly great challenges for hospitals. The tm – to market Consulting GmbH from Berlin pursues a solution concept of intersectoral care as a consulting business partner.

"In most cases, hospitals come to us that need to change their portfolio in order to survive," explains Managing Director Jens Bretschneider. "The approach of our Health Minister Karl Lauterbauch is to analyze the current state of the facilities, ascertain the potential in the respective region, and align the supply accordingly. However, many political decision-makers at the municipal level are not happy with these changes. The smaller facilities often find no future in this new model and the increasing outpatient services, and they frequently also have a problem finding skilled professionals. We develop strategies to bridge the traditional sector divide and support in the design and implementation of new healthcare offerings."

tm to market consulting hipe award

Beyond strategic consulting and planning, tm – to market offers its clients a holistic consulting approach, including process optimization and infrastructure planning, quality management and assurance, staff development and training, technology and data management up to regulatory support and operational implementation.

The BusinessPartner Model

The company has also developed a BusinessPartner model, for which it was recently awarded the HIPE AWARD®, a prestigious award for highest service quality. "Our BusinessPartner model is a tailored consulting solution that is flexible and enables houses to quickly adapt to changing market conditions," explains Jens Bretschneider. "You can scale the scope and intensity of our service as needed. In addition, they can combine different consulting services. This ensures all their issues are optimally supported. Our BusinessPartner model is especially suitable for companies that have problems finding skilled workers in the market or cannot finance them due to their size. Here, the issues include controlling, quality management, or data protection."

The team from tm – to market looks optimistically into the future. "The demand in the market is exorbitant and obvious," says Jens Bretschneider. Germany remains our main market for now, but we see potential throughout the DACH region. We aim to establish ourselves as a strategic partner of our clients in the long term and actively contribute to their success. In doing so, we follow our consulting code of ethics and the highest quality standards."