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7 ways to motivate yourself

European Business Listicle 2/2017

When motivation is lacking, the inner demons seem invincible. It just seems impossible to do certain things or, indeed, anything at all. These tips will change that!

1. Just do it

Don’t think too much, just make a start. When you take the first step, it begins to get easier and motivation returns.

2. Think positively

Instead of constantly telling yourself you can’t be bothered, tell yourself that the task is fun or it won’t take long. The more often you repeat these sentences in your head, the more your subconscious will be programmed to this way of thinking.

3. Set deadlines

Decide when tasks need to be completed and talk to others about it. The pressure of your own deadlines is tremendously motivating, above all, when others can ask you about them.

4. Visualize success

When the task is finished, you will be both relieved and proud. Why shouldn’t you be happy about the result and the consequent success? Imagine exactly how you will feel on completion of the task.

5. Reward yourself

Are there things which you have always wanted? Then promise yourself that you will treat yourself once the task is done. It doesn’t have to be material things. It could be something very simple, for example, allowing yourself to watch the next episode of your favourite series.

6. Find like-minded people

Would you like to do more sport, or learn something in particular? Then seek out people who want to do the same thing. Making progress together will motivate you to stick with it.

7. Look for role models

Successful people are strong motivators. Take a look at how others have achieved something that you want to do, and try to emulate them.

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