New zest for life after the pandemic with Campari

Interview with Andrea Neri, Managing Director of Campari Germany GmbH

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Aperol and Campari are getting additions: In the last two years, the Campari Group has launched two more aperitif brands, Crodino and most recently Sarti Rosa, into the market, intended to enrich the customer experience with new flavors. Andrea Neri, head of Campari Germany, explained in an interview with Wirtschaftsforum what these changes mean for brand management, how the end of the pandemic has fueled the spirit of Camparistas, and why the company was named one of the best employers in Bavaria.

Economic Forum: Mr. Neri, in the last two years, your company has first established Crodino and then Sarti Rosa as central product brands alongside the world-famous brands Campari and Aperol - was the end of the Corona pandemic the right time for this?

Andrea Neri: Our CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz often speaks in this context of 'Revenge Conviviality', meaning the attitude of many people to now meet physically with others even more and to catch up on lost time when this was not possible. Although Campari was able to accompany its consumers through the lockdowns to some extent with videos on the theme 'Drinks at Home', of course, our company thrives on our customers meeting each other on a beautiful occasion and raising their glass. At the same time, after a hard time when many things were not possible due to pandemic restrictions, many people are especially keen to try something new. In this course, we see a good time to accordingly expand our portfolio.

Andrea Neri, Managing Director of Campari Deutschland GmbH
Andrea Neri, Managing Director of Campari Deutschland GmbH

Economic Forum: Isn't there a risk of diluting the popular brands Aperol and Campari with new offerings?

Andrea Neri: Of course, it is of central importance to us that Aperol and Campari not only retain their distinctive taste but also their special brand feel – that's why we consistently refrain from line extensions that would contradict the distinctiveness of each brand's core. At the same time, we want to respond even more strongly to the different taste profiles of our customers and offer them the variety they desire from us. With Crodino and Sarti Rosa, we have been able to establish two more milestones in consumers' journey through our product portfolio – so far, many people have come into contact with our brands for the first time through Aperol Spritz and have learned about the pleasantly bittersweet taste of Aperol before then getting to know the Campari brand. The slightly sweeter notes of Sarti and Sarti Spritz, as well as the milder variant Crodino as a non-alcoholic offer, can act as further attractive door openers to convince even broader consumer layers of the enjoyment experience of our drinks.

Campari Germany Crodino Versata
Crodino is one of two new brands in the Campari portfolio
Camapari Germany Aperol Spritz
Dolce Vita: Hardly any brand embodies the Italian way of life in Germany like Aperol Spritz
Campari Germany Sarti Rosa
Campari Sarti Rosa Aperitivo

Business Forum: In addition, many other brands that you manage under the RARE umbrella brand are part of your portfolio. Which target group are you addressing with them?

Andrea Neri: Fundamentally, all these products are about particularly high-quality beverages: from Jamaican rum to French cognac. Here, of course, a completely different, much more intimate moment of consumption is at the center of attention compared to aperitifs such as Aperol or Campari, which are primarily enjoyed in the circle of friends and family. In this context, RARE's brand approach is more directed towards mixology bars, 5-star hotels, and correspondingly quality-conscious restaurants. Compared to our big brands like Aperol and Campari, these activities still represent a relatively small part of our business activities, even if we see significant growth potential here for the next few years.

Campari Germany Best Employer in Bavaria 2023
Campari was recently awarded as Best Employer in Bavaria
Campari Germany ‘Revenge Conviviality’
‘Revenge Conviviality’ was an important growth driver last year

Economic Forum: And what has changed at Campari Germany since the pandemic?

Andrea Neri: With the end of protective measures, our employees were able to return to our offices to mutually inspire each other with new ideas through personal exchange – of course, without giving up our proven flexible working models, including remote work. One of the various aspects that contributed to us receiving the award for Best Employer in Bavaria was the strong focus on the care and work-life balance of our employees. On the content level, Campari wants to further sharpen its cinematic profile in the coming years. Continuing the tradition of our decades-long cooperation with world-famous actresses and directors, we are increasingly acting as sponsors of film festivals and will engage at the Berlinale next year following Cannes and Venice.