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0004_Work-Life balance

Work-life balance

European Business Listicle 2/2018

The right work-life balance is getting more and more important for our health and performance alike. We compiled seven tips on how to enhance your work-life balance.

1. Do Sport

Doing sport clears your head and recharges your batteries. It gives you the energy to do the things you enjoy instead of collapsing in exhaustion on the sofa.

2. Switch off distractions

If you are expected to leave your private life at home when you are at work, you should also be able to leave work behind when the working day is over. Don’t answer private messages on your smart phone during work time and don’t answer emails from your colleagues or your boss when you are on your own time. Make sure you only focus on one thing at a time.

3. Plan free time for yourself

When we are at work we make appointments and set deadlines for individual tasks. You should do the same with your private life. Plan how much time you want to set aside each week or each day for certain things like meeting friends, reading a good book or pursuing hobbies and make sure you stick to your plan.

4. Be aware of what you eat

Eat healthily and take time for your meals, particularly in the evening. This allows your body to relax so it is better able to digest your food. Meals become more enjoyable and you can sleep better.

5. Work on your relationships with colleagues

Work is a much more pleasant place to be when the chemistry within the team is right. Emotional stress arising from awkward working relationships with colleagues is avoided and it is easier to focus on what is important.

6. End your day with a ritual

Whatever ritual you choose to use, it should signal to you that the working day is over and your free time has started. This is an important step in learning to switch off.

7. Get a pet

When you have a pet there are no excuses: You have to take the dog for a walk, regardless whether the weather is good or bad, and your pet needs your care and attention. While you are looking after your pet you will forget whatever stress you have at work and can switch off.

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