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Inspiring enthusiasm through interviews

Interview with Manfred J.P. Brinkmann, Managing Partner

European Business: Mr. Brinkmann, could you please introduce us to European Business?

Manfred J.P. Brinkmann: European Business is a media brand encompassing print, online and social media channels. Our media group is a leading international publisher of interviews with managers, decision makers, politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs. We have conducted more than 100,000 interviews which is ample testament to our expertise in this area.

European Business: European Business strives to provide a personal take on business. What exactly does that mean?

Manfred J.P. Brinkmann: Providing ‘a personal take on business’ means, first of all, quite simply, that we take a close look at business at a personal level. We are less concerned with the hard facts like structure, turnover or market share, but instead focus on the people in the company. With the help of our questions, we join our interviewees, who are usually in leadership positions, in taking a very personal look at their company. A second facet is that I myself look at business personally. It is a topic that I enjoy and that I’ve dealt with throughout my entire life. Business has a completely positive connotation for me and means for instance freedom, wealth and future.

European Business: There are lots of publications on business and economics. How does European Business stand out from the others, in your opinion?

Manfred J.P. Brinkmann: In line with our goal of putting business into a personal perspective, we’ve chosen a form of presentation that best satisfies this demand: INTERVIEWS! What do we do better than others? We conduct interviews with our interviewees that inspire them; we motivate them to provide answers that they may never have given before, which leads to sophisticated, personal statements. Creating a foundation of trust so that these smart and successful people are willing to communicate with us on the same level results in interviews with unique personal content.

European Business: So people are in focus with European Business. What can staff expect from European Business as an employer?

Manfred J.P. Brinkmann: A unique insight into the international world of business and its leading players. Employees get the opportunity to engage with many different sectors. Against this background, everyone has the chance to grow and develop.

We afford a unique insight into the world of business and commerce and its major players. For example, we have interviews with Niki Lauda as well as Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and also Bernd Fakesch, General Manager of Nintendo of Europe GmbH. Our employees get the opportunity to engage with many different sectors.

Creating a foundation of trust so that these smart and successful people are willing to communicate with us on the same level results in interviews with unique personal content. Manfred J. P. BrinkmannManaging Partner

European Business: Let’s turn that topic around: What do you expect of your staff or from potential applicants?

Manfred J.P. Brinkmann: What is crucial for me is a passion for people and business, and a hunger to find out more about the business world in general. Naturally, professionalism and creativity are also important qualities. Combined, these attributes give us the tools to create exclusive and intelligent insights for our readers.

European Business: Over the course of your career, you have conducted countless interviews. What do you believe makes an exceptional interview?

Manfred J.P. Brinkmann: A good interview for me is one where I succeed in motivating the interviewee to share exciting and revealing personal opinions. If I can get him to talk with real enthusiasm about himself, his staff, his company and his business world, so that I too feel a genuine buzz of excitement, then that, for me, is an outstanding interview, and one which we can turn into a captivating and informative story for our readers in print, online and in social media.


Manfred J. P. Brinkmann

Managing Partner


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