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Altibox AS

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Norwegian experts in fibre and IP

Altibox AS from Stavanger in Norway, a subsidiary of Lyse group, provides a full line of telecom products and FTTH multi-play services to residential and business customers. The Altibox platform is based on a state-of-the-art fibre-optic broadband solution with almost unlimited capacity offering the users full interaction. Each customer is deployed with a fibre-based 100 Mbps ethernet connection, and information is carried on an IP-structure. In recent years, Altibox has made large investments in developing infrastructure solutions and business concepts for multi-play services. Dealing with cutting edge technology in an extremely dynamic market the company is used to change, making it extremely important to keep an enduring set of core values that lasts in an environment of continuous change. Altibox focuses on three core values: “Lover the customer – all we do must keep the customer experience in mind”. “The best ideas must always win, whether they come from inside or outside our our organization”. “Always deliver with quality in all respects of our business”. At present, the company enjoys rapid growth rates in the FTTH sector. CEO Nils Arne Bakke talked to us about the company’s core competence and the future plans.