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Business in Belgium


On the road to happiness

The real estate market is not just about stacking bricks and delivering prestigious new building projects that are to fascinate the customer. To an even larger extent, buildings are meant to make its inhabitants happy and make them cherish each moment they spend inside the building. This is the clear conviction of Equilis. The real estate company is striving to develop commercial and private properties that breath happiness throughout.


Twinned for a savoury experience: beer and cheese in the Trappist tradition

Unequal twins they may be, yet they are exceptionally well suited. The Trappist beers and cheeses produced by Bières de Chimay SA from Baileux at the Abbaye de Scourmont yield a perfect combination of flavours. Made in the true Trappist tradition, they are also very enjoyable on their own, of course, and a great success with connoisseurs in Belgium and abroad. In fact, foreign demand has been going up continuously and raised exports to more than 50% of all sales, documenting the world’s taste for this savoury experience.


Diverse activities, shared values

At first glance, aviation and the real estate sectors do not seem to have anything in common. The reality is that the synergies are probably few and far between, but nevertheless, the Belgian Noordco Group operates successfully in both sectors. The company’s secret to combining such an unlikely pairing? The common vision and values that Noordco applies to both areas of its business.


Raising the world to the highest level

It is one of the most exciting roof installations worldwide: the SkyPark Observation Deck at the top of the Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel in Singapore, which opened in 2011. At a height of 200 m, it offers flowering gardens, wonderful swimming pools and spectacular views. The pedestals for the rooftop deck were supplied by Buzon Pedestal International s.a., the global leader in terrace support systems.


Spreading a positive spirit

More than a half of the world population lives in urban areas. The ongoing urbanization is one of the central challenges of our times – costs of space to live in the cities are on the rise while the average size of it is decreasing. Against this backdrop, new innovative concepts of urban living are in demand. Revive NV from Ghent is a real estate developer that puts great emphasis on building society, not real estate. The company makes the difference – by developing vibrant living communities where people can live happily.


Carbon-binding game changer

The realization is dawning that a circular economy is the way forward on our precious planet. Some visionaries have already been acting on this idea for quite some time. The founders and owners of Orbix NV, which is headquartered in Genk, Belgium, are among those inspiring people and have developed a CO2-binding technology that is ready to find new applications.


An old, new, green packaging solution

As a product container and delivery system, the humble aerosol can is hard to beat. The fine mist created when its pressurized contents are released covers the surfaces to be treated or cleaned evenly and completely, while its aluminium or tin plate body is completely recyclable. The only hiccup on its path to domination came in the 1990s when the CFC gas used as a propellent was linked to damage to the ozone layer and banned. Today’s cans contain environmentally friendly alternatives that are just as effective. Group Riem S.P.R.L. has been making products in aerosol cans since 1963 and remains as convinced of the benefits of this technology as it was then.


Natural ingredients backed by science

Good health is the key to a good life. Over the years, a plethora of theories have purported to reveal the secrets of healthy living, and a wide range of products claim to help us achieve this. Many have been proven to be hocus-pocus, but one aspect is broadly accepted: Food and health supplements containing natural ingredients are more beneficial in health terms than chemical-based products. Frutarom is a renowned global producer of natural flavours and ingredients for many different industries. Belgian subsidiary Frutarom Belgium N.V. is helping to drive Frutarom’s European market.


Innovation and ambition oil the path to success

From a small family company with six employees to one of the biggest and most successful players in the market; such an achievement requires very special qualities. The ability to provide unique, innovative solutions is essential, as is the willingness to take risks and meet challenges head on. Since its foundation in 1955, the Antwerp-based Wolf Oil Corporation NV has been characterized by innovation and the courage to seize opportunities to move in new directions. The Belgian producer of lubricants for the automotive sector specializes in blending top-quality oils for many different functions, which enhance engine performance and ensure a clean and safe environment.


Crazy for kiwis

At Zespri, the amount of passion that drives the business is only rivalled by how delicious its kiwis taste. Zespri International (Europe) N.V. is the European subsidiary of Zespri International Limited. Since 1997, Zespri has been working with local growers from New Zealand in order to export top-quality kiwis to five continents. Focused on customers, innovation and sustainability, the Zespri brand has rightfully earned the reputation as a reliable, top-ranked supplier in the fruit sector.