Interior & Garden

Unidrain A/S

Dare to be different
Just because something has always been done one way does not mean it should continue to be done exactly the same way. Change leads to innovation, excitement and usually improvement. A change does not have to be huge to be effective. One simple tweak in a design can be enough to make a large impact. This is what Unidrain A/S set out to accomplish. The company, headquartered in Farum, Denmark, set out to change the typical drain that is found in showers. This one change led to new standards, design and functionality for shower drains that are 100% waterproof. Go ahead, make a change, be different. It could lead to fantastic results.

Automotive Engineering

JP Group Holding A/S

A strong Family
Classic cars have a loyal fan base around the world – a very affluent fan base with a constantly growing demand for original spare parts and accessories. This trend is benefiting companies like JP Group Holding A/S. The Danish group of companies offers thousands of exclusive components for different types of classic cars – that many that you could easily assemble a whole VW Beetle from the range. Besides classic components, the Group also offers quality parts for more up-to-date vehicles.

Tourism & Leisure

Musikkens Hus in Nordjylland

Musikkens Hus
Music straddles cultures and unites people from all backgrounds. Making music is in its very nature a collaborative process and the orchestra a perfect metaphor for cooperation. Creating a place where music of all kinds could be enjoyed was a long-cherished goal for the city of Aalborg in Denmark. It has taken nearly 30 years for this goal to come to fruition but in 2014, Musikkens Hus (House of Music) opened its doors to the public. The architectural masterpiece overlooking the Liim Fjord in northern Denmark is owned by the commercial fund Fonden Musikkens Hus i Nordjylland.



Innovation in the printing industry
New products, new packaging and new solutions – the printing industry has been evolving at high speed and so has the range of various printing processes it requires to print on all kinds of materials. TRESU Group, the specialist for customized printing solutions for the graphic industry, has all the expertise and know-how it needs to develop and manufacture machines that adhere to the three main printing technologies flexo, offset and digital printing.

Transport & Logistics

A. Henriksen Shipping A/S

Any cargo, any client
Ample warehousing space, an attractive location and a service-minded approach – these are the cornerstones of the sustained success of A. Henriksen Shipping A/S. Based at the port of Hundested in northern Zealand, the Danish company is positioned to serve any type of cargo and client while other smaller ports in Denmark are closing their activities and building expensive apartments instead.

European Business


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