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Business in France


Melamine: made in France means made in Europe

With the influx of goods from the Far East, which are made and sold extremely cheaply, it is a real challenge and achievement for any European manufacturer to withstand the competition and build a successful business. Melamine is a market dominated by Chinese producers, and French company Plastorex is the sole remaining French manufacturer of melamine tableware. While the company is very proud of its made in France label, it is now looking to extend its reach and become renowned for products made in Europe.


The perfect property to please the people of France

From lawyer to property developer, from partnership in a large, successful firm to the setting up of his own company: Guy Nafilyan’s career spans over 40 years and encompasses extensive experience in a range of business settings. This winding path has equipped him with a strong understanding and knowledge of the property market in the Île de France region of northern France. As a result, his property development firm, Nafilyan & Partners, which he owns together with four other shareholders, centers its activities on creating wonderful living environments for the people of the greater Paris region.


Streit Groupe: Ready for the next generation of engines

Streit Groupe, headquartered in eastern France, has created a strong foundation for worldwide success. The company specializes in custom-made machined metal components for the automotive and other industries. A long history as a family enterprise, and the support from majority shareholder, the Taiwanese MeiTa Group, are the pillars of the company’s development.

Interview with Olivier Somville, CEO of Octopus Robots S.A.

Robotics for barns

Robots are among the most important developments in human history. They have replaced humans in different repetitive or dangerous tasks and can offer various benefits thanks to their advanced technology. Octopus Robots S.A. based in holet, France, is a leading company, providing intelligent and innovative robots.


Facing new challenges

Time is money. This simple and yet true proverb from Benjamin Franklin applies to various industries, among them the building sector, where projects often need to be carried out as fast as possible. Working under time pressure is one of the many strengths of Oger International SA, a French project management and engineering company with headquarters in Saint-Ouen.

Interview with Juliette Macret, President of IBM France Financement SAS

Combining financial expertise with IT know-how

Technology is a necessity that no business today can do without. Keeping up to date, however, comes at a price that, for many companies, presents a significant challenge. They either do not have the capital, or are unwilling to tie up considerable sums of money in new IT systems. For over 35 years, IBM Global Financing has been helping clients of IBM around the world to finance new technology; the firm offers a broad range of finance models to suit every situation. Juliette Macret, President of IBM France Financement SAS, told European Business why clients particularly value the company’s services.


Naturally bambou-tiful

The beauty industry has always been highly competitive, but in recent years, the rules of the game have changed. In the past, products were often marketed on the basis of emotion, brands and consumers have evolved. Today, an increasingly knowledgeable and discerning consumer base is fuelling a boom in natural and organic products. In this crowded market, Société Française de Cosmétiques (SFC) Bernard Cassière brand is a pioneer when it comes to skin care products inspired by nature.

Interview with Roxanne Varza, Founder and Entrepreneur

Roxanne Varza – a daughter of the Silicon Valley takes off to a flying start in Paris

At 33 years of age, Roxanne Varza can look back at an extraordinary career – her work at the top of numerous startup organizations has earned her a place in the top 30 rankings of renowned magazines such as Business Insider and Vanity Fair. Her previous employers include French public initiatives and Microsoft. Frenchwoman by choice, she studied in the US, London and Paris. Currently, she is the director of the largest startup campus worldwide, Station F, and as a sideline, she supports women in the tech startup community. In an interview with European Business, she talks about Station F, the role of women in the startup community and her love for France.

Interview with Alexandre de Malet Roquefort

La Connivence, or the art of upholding traditions

Alexandre de Malet Roquefort, a descendant of a great family that has lived in Saint Émilion since the 18th century, nowadays represents the young generation of winemakers, combining tradition and innovation. In this spirit of “sharing”, Alexandre and his friends decided to produce a new vintage wine on one of the most renowned wine-growing estates in France. European Food contacted this lover of wines in order to learn more about the history and conditions of making a French Grand Cru.


Secure and individual

The market for access control solutions is becoming more and more digital, with security doors and gates connected through the Internet of Things. One of the trailblazers of this development is SERFA SAS, a dynamically evolving family business which genuinely caters to its customers’ individual demands.