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Business in France


Outdoor concept made of wood

It is the only invisible fastening system for wooden terraces which has been certified by an independent body: the JuAn® clip. The ingenious development was made by Architecture du Bois – Terrasses Grad, the European number one in wooden terraces. The innovative company sets itself apart through its 360° concept, including everything from sustainable wood to railings, stairs and outdoor furniture to customized assembly solutions.


Quality on the safe side

The benefits of outsourcing are becoming clear to a growing number of manufacturers in many branches of industry, first and foremost in the automotive sector. Along with recognized advantages such as reduced investments in infrastructure and resources, there are drawbacks, for example the need for more stringent quality controls. This is where AB Serve SAS in Woippy, France, comes in. The company has earned international recognition in the fields of containment, compliance, metrology and workflow logistics, and delivers corrective and preventive services to the industrial world.


From flexible workspaces to stunning cityscapes

When designing a new office building, the focus in the past was usually on its external appearance. Often the goal was to create a prestigious landmark building that would reflect the status of the company that commissioned it and the talent of the architect who designed it. Internal aspects were often a secondary consideration. Whilst external design is still important, there is an increasing demand for flexible workspaces with integrated technology. French architectural practice Groupe Kardham offers a fully integrated service encompassing the whole project from planning application and construction through to interior planning and workspace organization.


Off the couch and into the gym

Anyone who cares about their health tries to incorporate exercise into their daily life. For some, this means simply taking the stairs instead of the lift, for others, it involves some kind of sport. Increasing numbers of people find a workout in the gym the most convenient solution. Johnson Health Tech France SAS supplies fitness equipment which challenges everyone from the reluctant couch potato to the honed fitness fanatic.


The superpower of paint

When professional painters and decorators swear by a product, you can be sure that it keeps its promises. In the case of Zolpan SAS, a French manufacturer of interior and exterior paints, its promise to customers is encapsulated in the slogan ‘the expertise that changes everything’. For nearly 60 years, it has used its knowledge of paint formulations to create high-performance paints that are easy to apply and offer outstanding and lasting coverage. The latest addition to its extensive range continues a long tradition of innovation. ABYSS is the name it has given to a new paint intended for rooms with high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Apples from France to the world

Apples are one of France’s biggest agricultural exports. French apples find their way to customers not just in the rest of Europe but also overseas. One of the biggest players in the apple export market is Blue Whale SA. Tracing its roots back to 1950, it manages sales on behalf of producers in the major apple-growing regions of Provence, Garonne, Alpes and the Loire Valley. Sales volume amounts to around 270,000 t of apples each year, with 80% of that total destined for export. Blue Whale sees itself as an export specialist and has developed a keen understanding of the needs of international markets.


Winegrowers in charge of excellent Champagnes

Being in business means having matters in your own hands as much as possible. In the world of Champagne, the blenders and traders are traditionally the major players. In contrast, Champagne Jacquart is a cooperative organization of 1,800 vineyard owners who want to be in charge of the value creation of their own Champagne. They joined forces to be able to compete with the big players and formed a company which is headquartered in Reims.


The show must go on

In May 2017, Emmanuel Macron became France’s new president. After the results of the election came in he gave his first speech – to a cheering crowd of thousands in front of the iconic Louvre Museum in Paris. During this historic speech, Macron was standing on a mobile stage developed and produced by Europodium SAS. In the past, the Alsace-based company has provided platforms to entertainers and politicians from Angela Merkel, François Hollande and Vladimir Putin to Pope Francis.


They have the power

There are massive changes afoot in the energy market which are being driven by a range of factors. Through the proliferation of electrical power micro-generation plants in the form of household PV and small-scale agricultural biomass, the number of electricity producers has increased substantially. In France, they now number 400,000 individual producers. For French power distribution specialist, Enedis, this means a change in its role.


Connect faster, further, everywhere

Long gone are the days when only public radio and television services were available. While terrestrial broadcasting is still one of TDF’s core competences, the French operator of neutral and open infrastructures has restructured and diversified its portfolio in order to tackle the challenges of modern telecommunications, both now and in the future. When it comes to television and radio broadcasting services, co-towering and the laying of fibre-optic cables, TDF has established a unique mix of products and services that have catapulted the French company to the top in its designated markets.