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Business in Italy


Making a successful business out of a hobby

The internet marketplace eBay is one of the pioneers of online shopping and one of the big success stories of the internet bubble of the late 1990s. Its phenomenal success paved the way for other internet shopping portals, many of which started out as specialist shops on eBay. One of them is Newpixel 24 S.r.l. in Italy. The online shopping portal for electronic equipment started life on eBay but soon grew big enough to merit its own dedicated site.


Contacts creating value

No matter the size of a business, no matter what industry, excellent customer service needs to be the key element of any business model. An outstanding customer service can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and differentiates a company from its competitors. As excellent customer services can take extra resources, time and money, it is a good idea to rely on experienced experts such as MEDIACOM Srl.


Small and smart

When the FIFA World Cup was held in Brazil in 2014, it ended not only in a victory for Germany. TE.MA. Srl in Fara Gera d’Adda also came away as a winner. It was the only European company to supply material for the seats in Rio de Janeiro’s famous Maracanã Stadium. Thanks to its plastic compound Temalen FR HF, the Italian specialist for masterbatches significantly strengthened its market position.


The bright side of Italian style

Italy is synonymous with impeccable style. The best fashion schools, the best shoes, the best handbags – it is surely no coincidence that Italy is shaped like a boot. Home furnishings also have a place in Italy’s couture culture. Fabbian Illuminazione Spa partners with international designers and architects to produce stylish and modern light fixtures, so consumers can take home a piece of Italian fashion at an affordable price.


There is still room for small independent retailers in the textile industry

There are over 50,000 companies involved in the textile and apparel industry in Italy. Over the past decade, this industry has experienced increasing competition from countries like China and Vietnam, and despite a slight decline in output, the Italian textile industry has continued to generate annual revenues of nearly 60 billion EUR. Unlike in the rest of Europe, in Italy this sector is dominated by independent retailers, such as Giesse Scampoli srl.


Lessons from a successful start-up

The European DIY industry has been negatively affected by the economic recession. The sharpest sales declines have been experienced in Southern European countries, although some countries, like Italy, have managed to remain in line with average EU sales density. Italian DIY retailers are increasingly requesting specialized services like market positioning, and this is where Mercury Services comes into the picture.


Elevators and components made in Italy

Not many people have the chance to make their lifetime dream come true. Of course, you need a good dose of luck, but even more important is never to lose sight of your dream and to work on its realization with dedication and enthusiasm. Elisabetta Gnudi did exactly this. Today, she is president and owner of Gruppo Caparzo, based in Caparzo, Italy. Her vineyards are recognized for top wines such as Brunello, Rosso di Montalcino, Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva.


Keeping the planes flying

Alitalia Maintenance Systems SpA in Rome is one of the leading companies in maintenance, repair and overhaul services for engines, auxiliary power units (APUs) and aeronautical components. Due to the changes in the aeronautic market and the challenging economic situation in Europe, the company underwent a comprehensive restructuring at the end of 2013. The challenge is to have the Company back on track on 2014, with the break-even in the 2015 and ready for further growth.


Pioneers in 0 km delivery of heavy duty vehicles

Whoever buys a brand new car wants it to be actually brand new and not a used one, buyers want to start at 0 km. Cars therefore are transported by special car transporters from the manufacturer to the dealer. But what about heavy duty vehicles? That’s where the Italian company Graglia S.r.l. comes in. Based in Turin in Northern Italy, Graglia ranks with the major players in Europe for the road transport of all type of heavy duty vehicles and mobile machinery.